A Day In The Life Of A Luxury Home Stager – One Moment At A Time

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There is no typical day, every single day is different.  My duties range form time in the office getting caught up on emails, appointments with clients, meeting with Realtors, designing and planning for the staging, pulling all the items for the staging and then implementing the staging.  I could be doing one of these task all day or trying to do multiple of these task all day.  Here was one of my day’s recently!

7:45am – Arrive early. Because I am usually casually late, but not today! I am ready to get the day started. And I had to make sure I was at the office for a special delivery. (Shhhh, you’ll see in a minute). 

8:00am – Every day I try and set aside time for emails, calls, texts, etc. Sometimes it feels as if I am difficult to get ahold of because I am constantly moving around.  Jodi has thought about putting a tracker on me!  This set time allows me to really give my focus to our clients and their needs. Of course, any of our gals in the office could answer inquiry questions. I just want to offer the best customer service that I can, so I love being able to give clients that personal connection of communicating directly with the designer who they will work with on their luxury home staging. Today was mostly email responses and return phone calls from after hour inquiries. 

8:30am – Time to head our to a new luxury verbal consultation. REAL TALK. Our client originally reached out about a week and a half ago. They were getting ready to list their home and knew that they had some work to do before hand to get the property market ready. Unfortunately life happened, and I was exposed to COVID. Double whammy, half the other designers were out of the state on project installs and the last designer left in the office besides me was booked full. Bless their souls, our clients knew just how important staging is and we worked together to find a new date for me to come out, after a clean, clear bill of health. We walked their property, inside and out, space by space, to make a to do list of what they needed before listing and photos.

11:30am – Now back at the office, it is finally time to break out that special delivery from this morning! Box in hand, all us girls at the office walked next door to The Flooring Guys. As we catch the eye of our amazing landlord, we break out in song! Happy Birthday that is. We like to think that he was touched, but honestly I think he was really just excited to dig into those cookies!

12:00pm – Here comes my favorite part! The behind the scenes work. It is easy to think of a stager and assume they are constantly at homes, bringing in furniture and accessories, and getting them market ready. However, stage day doesn’t prep itself. There is so much work that goes on before hand that most people don’t really get to see. Today was just the computer prep. Scheduling movers, scheduling designers’ time, selecting furniture, and creating an overarching document for all to reference on stage day. I love all these little detail items.

1:00pm – In the afternoon, The Affordable Movers give us our 30 minute heads up that they have just completed their previous commitment and are heading towards our job. So off a couple of us go to meet them at one of our recent Ankeny stagings with Tammy Heckart. Per usual, Tammy was incredible and was able to close the deal with the buyers in right around a month after the stage date! Upon arrival the movers focus on loading up the larger items while our team packs up smaller items into bins and bags for easy transport. Once everything is out of the house, we take a quick once over to make sure that nothing was forgotten. Then we get in the car to drop all of the furniture off at our storage units.

2:30pm – Once all of the furniture is out, we arrive back at office to place all of the smaller items back onto our staging inventory shelves. Right after a quick sanitizing! A new procedure that was added with the arrival of COVID. Something you might not be aware of is that we always cleaned the items that we brought into a luxury home staging pre-COVID. However, after the pandemic came to be, we upped our game even more. We brought in tougher cleaners with disinfecting and sanitizing properties, as well as an added cleaning when the items are brought back to our inventory from a staging. All just as added precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy!

3:00pm – Now that everything is back in our inventory, the work is not complete! As we were bringing furniture and accessories back from our staging we were keeping an eye out for anything that came back damaged or in need of repair. Frames of artwork that have been scratched, upholstery with a new stain, a dresser with a loose leg, etc. Anything that we could not fix on the spot we make a note of and get photo documentation. This time everything looked good minus one scratched piece of art. I reached out to our local painter to have him come fill and refinish before we use it again in another luxury staging. Once I have a pick up date and time scheduled with him, I continue with my search through our vendors for any new luxury staging pieces to add to our wish list. We are constantly on the lookout for new items to keep our inventory fresh and new.

4:00pm – As the work day comes to an end, it is time to head home after a long and successful day!

Every day in the life of a luxury home stager is different. It is this constant change that keeps us going and enjoying each day one moment at a time. Let our team create an all-inclusive luxury staging package that works for you. We will bring in our inventory of designer furniture to your listing that will showcase the property! You can view more of our luxury staging designs in past Katie’s Corner blogs, such as Top 5 Living Rooms – Our Staging Favorites or 3 Must Have Staging Trends to Incorporate Into Staging Your Home Now! Don’t forget to check back for new Katie’s Corner blogs here to stay up to date with all of the latest home staging tips and tricks. You can also always reach us at 515-986-1895 or office@ElizabethErinDesigns.com if you need more info!

Until next time!