Baby Room Ideas That Aren't Pink and Blue

If you are having a baby soon, this is the perfect post for you! We are going to look at an awesome variety of baby rooms that steer clear of the classic pink and blue, but are still just as precious! There are such a variety of things you can do with you babies room, so take a look at what we found and let us know what you like best!

We can first take a look at the more girly approach. So all of these go with a neutral colored wall which is nice a very simple looking. The two on the left then add in pops of color through furniture, rugs, and artwork which I think adds a great aspect to the room. It shows you can have color, but not over do it and it’s a different approach than the classic pink walls for a girl. The image furthest on the right goes with neutral items along with the neutral walls, I think it is a very elegant look and gives it a very sophisticated feel for an adorable baby room.They bring in some pizzaz with the crown that holds the drapery and the crystal chandelier. A great variety of girl options that are a great way to stray from the traditional!

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Now taking a look at rooms more geared towards the boys, there is a great variety here as well! The first on the left is really awesome, they used a variety of wood to make an accent wall and give a great rustic feel to the room. The second image goes with a forest theme with the fun green striped walls and great tree decal. It’s an adorable theme for a room, but still keeps it very classy. The final image goes with the neutral walls like the girl rooms above and brings in pops of color as well through furniture and art on the walls. As I said before it’s a great way to stay neutral and just add a little pizzaz without going overboard. Such a variety for the boys as well!

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Finally we will take a look at some neutral rooms that could work for either boy or girl! Both go with neutral walls and then add in different neutrals for the furniture and accessories. It gives a great simple look that is absolutely adorable and anyone would love for their child.

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I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Let us know what you think of these baby room ideas and if you have any more! We would love to hear your feedback!