Best of the Best! A Recap of our Favorite 2021 Interior Design Projects.

Another year is in the books and we are taking the time to reflect on some of our favorite interior design projects of the year. From residential remodels and new builds to commercial model units and clubhouse, leasing office, and pool designs. Each of our designers have selected one of their favorite projects from the year to share with you today!

To start off, Ashtyn’s favorite project from the year was a model unit staging in Indiana! This was her favorite because it was the first project where she really got to play with a lot of color. A lot of times we do projects that have a lot of neutral elements and then we accessorize with color. This project was different as we selected many colorful furniture pieces in addition to colorful accessories. This model unit turned out so beautiful and was exactly what the client wanted! 

Take a look at a few of the shots of the final design: 

Marah’s favorite design project of the year was a trendy project for a client in the metro. One of our favorite parts about working with our clients is how different their styles are project to project. One day we could be designing a very traditional space and the next we could be leaning into a more modern Scandinavian style like this one. All we know is that no day will be the same!

Take a look at a few of the shots we got of this space:

Amanda is our newest designer to the team and her favorite project this year was an apartment design where she created renderings to help our clients visualize the final design. Her renderings are stunning and we can’t wait to see the finished product! We’ll be sure to share pictures of it as soon as it’s done!

Take a look at a few of the renderings she completed for the project:

Katie’s favorite project of 2021 was a kitchen, living, and dining room remodel. This projects’ design is completed but it is still being implemented as we write this blog! She loved this design because she got to play around with so much color and pattern. Her design has completely transformed these spaces. A main floor remodel can be so beneficial when it comes to loving your home. These spaces are quite often the most used ones in your home so putting your dollar where you most spend your time can make your house feel like a home. 

Take a look at a few of the shots of the proposed design: 

To finish off our favorite designs, Jodi is sharing her favorite of the year! Her favorite project was preparing for the 2022 HBA Home Show Expo. Thats right, you read that right! We are partnering with Kyanite Design & Build to enter a house into this years Home Show in July. While our design plans are complete, we want to keep it a secret – so no sneak peaks just yet. We are so excited for you all to come out and see the house when it’s finished!

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back on our favorite designs of 2021! Let us know if you had any favorites in the comments! If you loved this blog, make sure to check out our blog about the last show home expo we participated in. It walks you through the process of the build and is a must read!