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No one was completely sure how the housing market was going to be affect at the beginning of this year. Would we be temporarily suspended? Were buyers and sellers both going to put their searches on pause until things died down? There were a lot of unknowns. But we stuck together! We were there for each other, in a hard time that was unpredictable. But what do we know now? Not necessarily much more than what we knew at the beginning of the year. However, we remain grateful for what we do have!

The market remains open! Sellers continue to list their properties. Buyers continue to search for new homes. The market took a little longer to get going, delaying our typical spring rise in house sales which were pushed into the summer. With this shift we are closing in on the end our markets’ hot season. Do not let this time now pass you by! Now is the time to get those sales in before the cooler days ahead.

This is the time you want to pull out all the stops and get your client’s home sold now! No one wants their home sitting over the winter. Showings are already hard with most of them being virtual, let alone having to deal with all the upcoming holiday decorations. Inform them on the steps they should take, including hiring a professional stager! Tell them to check out our blog at to help them understand just a few of the benefits a stager can offer them. Just because our Signature Home Staging is geared towards vacant properties does now mean that we are leaving you hanging!

Still want our designer expertise on how to get your property market ready? Check out our Verbal Consultations! Homeowners are spending more time in their house and realizing that all those small issues they have are suddenly becoming bigger and bigger problems areas for them. Let our team help you get out of your current property and into your new home. Our verbal stagings, just like the market, are hot right now! We are constantly asked how homeowners can use what they have to better show their property. Out answer is simple – book a verbal staging!

Not sure whether you need to do some small updates before listing your home – book a verbal!

Wondering if you need to paint over those bright wall colors – Book A Verbal!

Not a visual person. Need help with how to best arrange your furniture pieces to best show the function and flow of your spaces – BOOK A VERBAL!

We cannot say it enough! Verbal consultations are a great option for those homeowners that are not afraid to do a little of the work themselves. It is a great opportunity to have that one-on-one meeting with one of our designer and get personal recommendations for your property! Yes, we use the same principles from property to property, but the suggestions we give are personalized for your space! Each house is different, therefore each suggestion could be different. You can be skeptical at first. It is okay to question something that you don’t know about. But know that we are professionals. We know what we are talking about! But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our past clients have said here.

My favorite experiences tend to be with those clients that were unsure at the start of our consultation. Take the review below for example. The husband was unsure about hiring a designer, but even he will admit that it was a great choice!

“We hired Katie to stage our home and she was amazing!  She gave us many great ideas we had never considered.  My husband was skeptical about hiring someone, but when she left he said it was some of the best money we ever spent!  If we need additional design help, we will definitely contact Katie and Elizabeth Erin Designs!”

Don’t take someone else’s word for it! Contact us today at 515-986-1895 or to schedule your verbal staging consultation. Thank you for visiting Katie’s Corner, stay tuned for more staging related tips and tricks. Until next time friends!