Customized Luxury Staging: EED can Fully Personalize Your Staging Package!

When it comes to home staging, we realize every project is different! That’s why we offer MULTIPLE luxury staging packages and services. We want every single one of our clients to find a service with EED that works for them, to ultimately achieve their vision. Whether that be better marketing photos, a better walk-through experience for potential buyers, or simply a quicker home sale. We can help you achieve it all! Start by contacting us so we can explain all of your options when choosing EED – and there’s a multitude of them:

First things first, you need to know about our three main services. Checkout a past blog Luxury Vacant vs Luxury Verbal vs Luxury Virtual – What do they all mean? To really get a grasp on the differences in these three services. You should also note that each of these services is customizable…

Our Luxury Vacant Services can be customized by the number of rooms you want staged. A one-time investment of $3,120 includes us staging your Kitchen, Dining, Living, Master Bed & Bath, and Any other Miscellaneous Main Floor Spaces. If your space needs more, we’ll recommend you add some other rooms, for an additional investment of $380 per room. This is the best way to customize your Luxury Vacant Package.

EED’s Luxury Verbal services also have some personalization opportunities. You can choose to do our “Verbal Consultation” – learn more in this blog: Verbal Home Staging Consultations Explained. To further customize your verbal, you could spring for our $650 package that includes a Luxury Verbal Consultation and Pre-Designed Selection Assistance. This encompasses assistance on paint colors, recommendations for any finishes throughout your home, and recommendations for subcontractors – truly an all-inclusive approach.

Luxury Virtual staging is perhaps our most customizable service. It’s perfect if you are an out-of-state staging client, following a tight budget, on a time crunch, or any combination of those three situations. You pick which rooms you want staged – and for a reasonable investment of $275 per room photo, you get to decide which rooms have the most importance to you!

Our services are so customizable, we’ve even done some projects where we’ve merged our interior design and staging programs. For example, we’ve partnered with a real estate developer out of New York, who has hired us to design some apartment community spaces and model units. For these model units in particular, we design the staging up front by picking out furniture that the developer invests in. Then, we travel to the site to finish the staging by implementing our floor plans, and adding in decorative accessories and artwork. 

Realtors, did you know you can get customized staging experiences for your clients (and rates too)? Contact us today to unlock your Luxe Home Staging experience! For some properties, we have worked with the realtors and their clients to stage key areas in certain ways. For example, this past summer we went into a few luxury properties with just a few accessories and our organizational eyes, and completely flipped these harder-to-sell homes into quick sale turn-arounds!

If you enjoyed seeing EED’s flexibility, you will love previous blogs like The Good, The Bad, And The Behind The Scenes Of A Luxury Vacant Staging and Top 7 Tips To Sell Your House For Top Dollar. Have a question about our luxury home staging service that we didn’t answer? Shoot us an email at with your question, or message us on any of our social media platforms and we will get right back to you! 

See you next time!