Customized Luxury Staging: Hayley’s Perspective on her First Home Staging!

Back in October 2021, I joined the EED team as an intern through my high school’s School-to-Work internship program. I am beyond grateful for my experience, and recently I had the opportunity to assist with a luxury home staging for the first time! Today, I want to share some of my greatest takeaways about EED’s home staging process with you.

1. The Magic is in the Details

This theme has emerged time and time again as I have gained knowledge about interior design – every detail matters. At the home staging, it was clear how much detail goes into EED’s process to make every home look its best. From folding every shirt just so, to arranging every clothing item by color, even a seemingly-simple closet takes a thoughtful touch to create the perfect picture.

2. Preparation is Key

In order for all of the details to come together, each staging comes along with a well-formulated plan. I watched as furniture and accessories were hand-picked from our inventory, loaded into our van, and arranged into each room, as set out in the home’s customized staging plan, which I read prior to arriving at the home. One thing is for sure – having EED stage your home saves loads of extra planning from being stacked on top your already long list of to-do’s!

3. Clean but not Cold

As I helped arrange accessories and furniture, I witnessed rooms be transformed. Some of the transformations were subtle, some were dramatic; either way, rooms went from empty and cold to inviting and fresh. Beforehand, many of the rooms were organized, but they were missing the touch of warmth that truly encourages people to envision themselves in a house. Through the staging process, personal items were replaced with neutral, elegant items that elevated the space, and will surely help prospective buyers to see the potential of the home.

By attending this home staging, I was able to gain a new perspective on how much thought and detail goes into perfecting every room for a listing. There is a great amount of time, effort, and communication behind every picture-perfect design, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to see these factors first-hand!