Desiring A Spa-Like Feeling in Your Bathroom? Here’s 3 Tips!

There’s nothing better than having a serene, spa-like bathroom to come home to after a long day. Wondering how to achieve this feeling? We’ve listed our favorite ideas below…

1. Incorporate natural elements and earth tones through faux plants, a rattan bench, and quartz or marble countertops. Choose soft and muted earthy colors that will create a tranquil and inviting bathroom. Don’t forget to add PLENTY of natural light to your space and incorporate calming natural scents through diffusers or air fresheners. 

2. Keep your space stocked with plush textiles such as luxurious soft towels, soothing rugs, and a comforting bath robe or two to bring a natural warm essence to your bathroom. Consider bringing more warmth to your bathroom by purchasing a towel warmer or installing heated floors.

3. Bring the spa feeling to life within your home by installing a rainfall or other luxury shower head. Research various components like water pressure and temperature, spray patterns, a handheld component, etc. to find the perfect option for you. Switching out your shower head can be a quick and inexpensive flip that will leave you feeling more rejuvenated.

We hope this blog leaves you with good vibes and some ideas on how to make your bathroom more spa-like. To continue on the spa or bathroom themed blogs, check out At Home Spa Ideas or Revamp Your Bathroom For Less Than $100. Did our second tip spark your interest about heated floors? Read our blog from last year – Is your home feeling cold and unwelcoming? EED suggests adding heated floors!

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