Ensured Ease Design: The EED Process!

Since 2003, our full-service residential and commercial interior design firm has helped improve our customers’ experience when working with contractors. The fact is, without design support, almost 80% of all home-building or remodel clients go over budget by 20+% and still fail to achieve the client’s vision! Jodi Peterman developed the Ensured Ease Design Process to assist clients in achieving their vision, while giving them more control over their budget !

It’s NEVER too early to involve your designer!

From the floor plan to the type of grout that’s best for your project, Elizabeth Erin Designs will be there for you through your building or remodeling process. Let our expertise guide you, to ease the process. Your EED documents are the key to working with your contractors to obtain bids based on real products and designs instead of working off allowances. Having real bids allows you to make informed decisions about your selections and where to put your budget dollars based on what’s important to you BEFORE you purchase or sign off on selections. This process saves you money in the long run by not having to use your contingency money and will allow you a budget for furniture, window coverings, and accessories that make your new space feel like home sooner rather than later!

How The EED Process Works


Complimentary Consultation:
Meet with the CEO and Owner Jodi Peterman virtually for a complimentary half- hour consultation. You will review the scope of your project, goals, timelines, and budget. This will allow her to customize design package options to achieve your vision! You will also review our process and see example documents so you understand what you will be receiving. You will receive your proposal within 48 hours of this consultation. Once you make your selection on the package, sign the contract, and pay the deposit you will move to step two!


Introduction/Initial Meeting:
Jodi will send an email, introducing you to your lead designer. Ally, our office coordinator, will schedule your first appointment with you and your lead designer. After the initial meeting, your lead designer will communicate when you can expect to have your floor plans reviewed. Once those are approved we can move into the design phase. Ally will set up an appointment with you to review the designs with your lead designer, step 3!


The Review/Revisions
Your review appointment will be scheduled for approx. two-five weeks after you have approved the floor plans. The timing will depend on the size of the project and when samples will arrive. At this appointment, your lead designer will review all the documents, renderings, and designs with samples. Then, revisions can be requested up to an agreed upon date. Together, you and your designer will meet to review any requested changes, up to three times if needed. If additional revisions are needed beyond the three, we will communicate additional fees. We will work with you to make sure your vision is achieved!

Take Control Over Your Budget with the Ensured Ease Design Process!

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