EED’s Dos and Don’ts of luxury home staging during the holiday season

Before you go all-out with your decor like Clark Griswold this holiday season, reconsider what you are bringing into your home. This rule especially applies to those with homes going on the market right before or during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. A frequently asked question we get around this time of year is, “How do I stage or decorate my home during the holiday season?” EED has just the answer!

First off, we want to reassure you to follow through with your plans of putting your home on the market. The goal of this blog is not to discourage you from selling during the holiday season, but rather to guide you on the best ways to stage the home. Our real estate expert “Contrary to what most people think, the winter holidays can be a great opportunity to have your home on the market. The way your home is staged during this festive season is critical and if done correctly it will net you a quicker sale at top dollar.” – Tiffan Yamen, of Tiffan Yamen Real Estate Group

Many people, just like some of us ladies at EED, love to go all out for the holidays, but when staging your home to sell, we recommend scaling it back.

Although we love the festivity showcased in these photos, it is a bit too distracting for potential buyers. When it comes to decor, especially in a home on the market, keep it simple! When your marketing photos are taken, there should be no sight of the holidays in your home. You want your marketing photos to appeal to all buyers – remember these photos are what get people interested in your property from the get-go. You want the first impression to be holiday-free, so the viewers are able to focus more on the true features of your home.

That being said, it’s definitely okay to keep up your tree or a few holiday decor items here and there during showings. This will make viewers feel more cozy and reminded of the season. Well done holiday decor can entice the buyers to feel at home, and therefore more likely to be interested in your property. The biggest thing to remember with decor is to keep it simple, elegant, and cohesive with your full-time furniture and accessories. Don’t pick any flashy stockings, bright colored ornaments, or distasteful holiday icons.

We spoke with Corrie Taylor on her views of holiday home staging. Corrie is a home stager, interior designer, and owner of Set2Sell, a New Jersey based firm. She says, “Of course we want the holiday cheer to be present… but, it’s important to go light on holiday decor! Creating a non specific seasonal warmth in the space is key to connecting with a buyer. It enables them to envision their existing traditions while embracing the excitement of new Holiday memories.”

Our next trick is to keep religious holiday items to a minimum. While religion might be a very important thing to you and your family, some potential buyers aren’t religious, or might celebrate different religious traditions than you. The key thing is try to be inclusive to all potential buyers and their experience walking through your home by limiting specific religious decor.

It is important to decorate your home with an overall sense of warmth, to bring potential buyers comfort as they walk through. This can be achieved by complementing your home’s natural color palette. If your home features multitudes of warm beiges and grays, pick warm bulb lights to feature in small touches around the home. If your home is very monochromatic, opt for a white Christmas tree with a simple mix of white, clear, and gold ornaments. Overall, remember less is more when it comes to holiday decor (see what I did there?) 

If you are still living in your home while it is on the market, it’s important to find a balance between the way your home looks on an everyday basis and the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby. Remember to keep it simple, and as always, seek professional advice with further questions. EED would love to professionally stage your property this holiday season, so you have more time to focus on gift shopping and party planning! 

Interested in reading more about staging during the holidays? Check out last year’s blog on How To Stage Before The Holidays to read holiday stats and recognize the true value of holiday staging. If you are a fan of the holiday season, head over to Our Favorite Homemade Goodies For The Holiday Season. That’s all for today folks! If you have any topic ideas for future blogs, contact us at 515-986-1895 or email us at

Happy Holiday season!