Elizabeth Erin Designs Valentine's Day Thoughts

Hello loves,

Tis the season for love! Us here at Elizabeth Erin Designs come from all different backgrounds and are all in different stages in our life when it comes to love life. This makes this week’s blog anything but average! Here’s what your favorite designers had to say about Valentine’s Day…


Valentine’s day has always been celebrated a little differently for me…because it’s my birthday! Double whammy, I know. There are some negatives when it comes to sharing my birthday with the day of love. One being supper reservations, but I must admit there are way more positives. One being that I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad Valentine’s Day. I won’t bore you with details but this blog sums it up pretty well: http://thekatekeeper.com/2013/02/11/what-its-like-to-have-a-birthday-on-valentines-day/. One positive that trumps the negative of booked 2 weeks in advance fancy restaurants is having a boyfriend who has amazing cooking skills! One of my favorite dates was/still is staying in and getting cooked a beyond delicious gourmet meal. I can pour my wine as I please and don’t even have to wear uncomfortable shoes! You can make it as laid back or as fancy as you want but what’s most important is the person you’re spending the evening with!




My favorite Valentine’s Day tradition is going to the stores on February 15th and buying myself 50% off heart shaped chocolate.





Here is my date idea and a gift :

  1. Take your partner out for a day at the spa. Give each other his and her robes. Treat each other to couples massages. Also make sure you don’t forget to make a visit to the steam room and the Jacuzzi.
  1. Get an old deck of cards or old cards and punch a hole in the top corner to put a metal ring through.  Then write down 52 date ideas and tape them in the center of each card.  One for every week!  It can be as simple as making a backwards dinner, where you start with dessert and end with an appetizer, reading a book or poetry in front of the fire with hot cocoa, a trip or looking at past photos of the two of you.




I’m probably boring in saying this, but my Dream Valentines Date would be staying in and cooking together with my girlfriend (Currently Single), then drinking wine and snuggling on the carpet in front of the fire. Just talking and being still, with no agenda.


So whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s Day, have fun and stay safe! 🙂