Exterior Paint Colors: What's Right for Your Home?

Wanting to add curb appeal to your house? Putting on a fresh new coat of paint to the exterior can really vamp up your space and give you a great new look. But where to start? What colors to choose? There are so many colors to pick from, but we have some tips on what colors will look best with your homes’ style and what colors are in for the 2015 year!

If you have a colonial style home, picking a nice neutral color base and then adding in pops of bold colors on the accent pieces of the home really give it its style.  Some good colors schemes to go with are a greige, navy blue, and red or stone green, mahogany, and a bronze green.


If you have a southwestern or desert style home, picking up many of the warm hues is a great way to embrace the landscape you’re in and giving off a sandy feel. With all the warm colors, you do want to complement it and give it a few cool colors for the perfect combination. Some great colors schemes for this style would be a sand, brown, and deep tomato color or a tan, beige, and navy.


If you have a north shore style house, bringing in subdued colors you find in nature gives it a wonderful feel and brings in the calm serenity of the seashore. Some great color schemes for this style of home would be a green brown, light gray and dark gray, or a greige, white, and navy blue.


Going into the south, if you have a southern shore style home, which can vary in style, picking out a sun-washed color palette will really bring out that southern charm you want in your home. Good color schemes to go with this style are a light blue, white, and ivory, or a tan, burlap, and mahogany.


If your house is going for a more modern feel, picking out some great bold colors and paring them with nice neutrals that complement them will surely make for a great pair. Some of the best colors schemes for your modern home would be a white, gray, and rust or a yellow, cream, and gray.


If you are going for the more traditional suburban style home, creating a color blend that mesh traditional architecture and the nature around you will make for a warm and inviting home for everyone. There are so many different colors to do for this style, but some great color schemes for this style would be a red, white, and almost black blue or a khaki, dark tan, and wine.


Picking colors has such a wide range, each style can take on such a variety of color but still stick to its true style. You just have to find the right combination for you and your home and make sure they all complement each other in the best way. If you are looking for that new spark of curb appeal, I hope this helps to make an easy change that will completely transform your home for the better!