Happy June! It’s time to get started on your overlooked outdoor oasis

Have an outdoor space that just doesn’t feel right? Is your outdoor space lacking personalization to your wants and needs? We understand! In our experience as designers, we often see outdoors spaces get overlooked or forgotten about, as most people focus on the inside first – makes sense. Then, by the time you finish the inside and have even a moment to think about the exterior, you are tired, have lost motivation, and possibly have only a small fraction of your budget left. Again, we understand. Let’s talk about how to turn those neglected outdoor spaces from drab to fab!

First things first – let’s talk furniture! If your outdoor space(s) are lacking furniture, this is an essential place to start! Without furniture, how can you possibly use and get enjoyment out of your outdoor spaces? There are a lot of outdoor configurations to consider, but here are a few:

  • Outdoor Sofa and Chairs
  • Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs
  • Outdoor Swing or Daybed
  • Outdoor Rocking Chairs
  • Fire-pit with some outdoor seating

As you can see, the opportunities are endless! When it comes to curating various spaces, really focus on the potential conversation areas you are cultivating. How do you and your family best enjoy each others’ company? What configurations would best suit your lifestyle? Look at these photos from the 2019 Home Show – we creating three various outdoor settings that all serve different conversationalist experiences.

When it comes to selecting pieces – make sure the furniture is specifically rated for outdoors (outdoor-safe, or outdoor-friendly)! This even goes for decor like pillows and side tables. You wouldn’t want to risk the weather damaging your pieces. Secondly – consider color and texture. Bringing fun colors or textures in through your furniture and outdoor decor is a great, easy way to uplift your space!

Consider foliage in your outdoor settings to mimic the nature surrounding your home. Incorporating plants and greenery is one of the only ways to ensure your outdoor space ties in with its surroundings in a cohesive way. Just look at the way the added greenery plays off the environment in these spaces we designed.

If you need help or further inspiration, some of our favorite outdoor landscaping friends are Hallie Pardekooper at Designs By Day (https://www.designsbyday-dm.com/) and Lynn Kuhn with Outdoor Transformations (https://transformoutdoors.com/). 

Moving right along, have you considered which of your outdoor areas provide shade vs. allow exposure from the sun? This is definitely something to consider. Also – for any shaded spaces, have you allocated for enough light, especially if you will be spending any time in these areas at night! These next few photos depict the importance of a balance of shaded versus sunny spaces, as well as outdoor lighting. 

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Need further direction? Contact us today to get your 30 minute complimentary consultation scheduled! We can be reached at office@elizabetherindesigns.com or our office number, 515-986-1895. Have a wonderful week, and HAPPY JUNE!