Virtual Home Staging
    Virtual Home Staging is cost efficient, no movers are involved, and no physical furniture or accessories ever enter the home. The entire staging is completed using pieces from our select vendors. The furniture and accessories that are placed in your photos will always be pieces that are available for the buyer to purchase to complete the look of their new property. Each virtual staging is custom and unique to each individual location. In turn, this will draw potential buyers to the property.


    Initial Phone Call
    Contact us and we will answer your questions and may have a few of our own for you! Send us professional builder or realtor photos that are at least 300ppi, with room names and the room dimensions. This information is critical to understanding how to size


    Our designers implement the realtor
    photo into our photoshop program to bring in our own furniture and
    accessories from our select list of vendors to fully stage the spaces in high quality graphics. Virtually staged photos are then sent back to you.

    $275 per photo