Katie’s Corner : Overcoming Problem Spaces

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When it comes to occupied properties, some rooms and spaces are trickier to stage than others. Such as: mudrooms, kitchens and closets. When in doubt, keep it clean and simple. Buyers are just like you, they understand that we all own a lot of “stuff.” They just don’t want to imagine YOUR stuff in THEIR new home.
Mudrooms are fantastic because it is encouraged to hang up your items! Keep layers in mind. Use a variety of lengths, colors, and types of items. To the side we have a couple coats for length in a neutral palette. A scarf brings in a different length visually, while the pop of salmon in the handbag ties in with the salmon used throughout in the staging.
Layering is also present on this kitchen countertop on the bottom. Place short items in the front for a visual effect the is pleasing to the eye. We love to set up coffee stations to give a purpose to each space. The more you can connect with potential buyers visually, the more likely they are to connect with your property. This particular property had a large deck right off the Kitchen slider. Imagine that morning cup of coffee out on your deck. Beautiful!
Boutique design is on trend right now! Another great thing for occupied properties because you already have the inventory! An easy trick is fill only half of the closet, as we did in the example on top. This is a visual trick on the buyer’s eye to perceive more space. Organized areas keep the eye moving while empty spaces give the eye a rest.