Katie’s Corner – Staging From All Four Corners

rebel How To, Residential

During the staging process we are constantly thinking about the end result. How is this piece of furniture going to tie into the function of the space? Will this window treatment keep the room light and bright? There are many principles of design to keep in mind. To start stand in each corner and locate the best feature of the room. Think through how to accentuate and balance the space from an online marketing perspective.
We take a room and view it from all four corners. This gives an overarching image so that nothing is overlooked. Each corner and each room is accentuated; walls, floor and ceilings included. Design is a balance game. Balance of furniture, artwork, window treatments, accessories, etc. 
The living room above was not the main living space in the property. A larger great room with a brick fireplace and vaulted beam ceilings was the showstopper, which left this front living room feeling a bit left out. We accentuated the elongated space by drawing attention with a pair of matching chairs on the far short wall. A larger grouping on the opposite side with a pop of a couple ottomans in front of the bay window balanced the space. Now when you stand in each corner there is a clear focus.