Luxury Home Staging: The Best Investment When Marketing Your Home

Jodi Peterman Uncategorized

Elevate your home’s selling potential in today’s competitive market with luxury home staging services from Elizabeth Erin Designs. Along with creative photography, our luxury home staging services give your online marketing a visual validation, justifying your asking price and motivating buyers to pursue your property quickly.

Our staging team aims to leave every home looking 100x better than we found it. Our luxury staging services outweigh our competitors’ staging services due to how we target lifestyle appearance. Our over 20 years of combined staging experience, home staging accreditation, and interior design degrees allow us to expertly stage your homes. 

The way you market your home is one of the most crucial things in the process of selling your home. Today’s buyers will swipe through hundreds of online listings and photos before attending showings, so you need your online marketing photos to be show-stopping. You need your photos to be eye-catching and initing, so the buyers will decide to make the trip out and see the property.

Besides hiring a great photographer, we always recommend investing in home staging services. Our professional staging team will layout and feature your home in ways that will lure buyers to your property! We offer various luxury staging services, packages, and prices, so all clients are sure to find a sound way to protect their money and utilize staging services. 

Still not convinced? Hear from some of our past staging clients…

“Jodi’s staff fully staged one of my new construction listings and they were nothing short of amazing. They are prompt, courteous, and their furniture and accessories are newer looking an on-trend. Love their service!” 

– Michelle C.

“Elizabeth Erin designs did a great job with a staging consultation. I have clients that are selling a house and wanted some direction on how to get it set up best for buyers eyes.”

– Scott W.

“Katie staged my house before we placed it on the market. When I saw the after pictures I was amazed at the complete transformation of every room. Talent, passion, and creativity showed through in every aspect of the staging. We received three offers within 20 hours of listing and sold shortly there after above asking price. Great service, staff, and company!” 

 – Ryan K.

Staging has many benefits, which we discuss in Why We are So Passionate about Home Staging for any home on the market and Selling Your Home? Protect Your Money by Staging! Staging decreases the risk of price reductions and increases the perceived worth of the house. This perceived value draws the attention of buyers while also increasing the value of the home resulting in a higher list price. Thank you, and until next week!