Luxury Virtual Staging – A Service Sure to Catch the Eyes of Potential Buyers

99% of the time, potential buyers will see your home in online listings first, before ever stepping foot on the property. In order to get potential buyers to make the leap from viewing photos online to committing to a physical visit, you need to capture their attention with magazine worthy marketing photos, no matter what price range your house falls into. 

Enter Virtual Staging – our digital approach to get the high quality marketing photos you’ve been envisioning for your listing! With this service, no movers, furniture, or accessories ever enter your home. Rather, the staging is completed by our way of computer-based renderings. We add in high quality images from our exclusive luxury furniture vendors to create your design! Each virtual staging is unique and custom to perfectly fit your home and its design style and size.

Virtual stagings start with an initial phone call – and after a brief discussion all you have to do is send us high quality images of your spaces and some room dimensions. This ensures we are picking furniture that fits to scale within your space as we are creating the rendered photos. Then, you just sit tight and anticipate the magic we will create! You can expect to receive your staged photos in three business days!

For just a low price of $275 per photo, this service is perfect for those not only on a time crunch, but also a tight budget! Our virtual staging program is unique – you won’t find any other program like it in the Des Moines area! Looking for photos that are WOW worthy? Look no further, and hire Elizabeth Erin Designs to help achieve your vision of superior staged photos and a quicker sale! 

Want to learn more about our virtual stagings? Virtual Home Staging : What is it? gives more information pertaining to our virtual services, and Why Utilizing Staging and Photography will Increase Showings Now! is sure to convince you to pursue our services today! Contact us at or give us a call: 515-986-1895 to start achieving your vision!

*Images above have been virtually staged by Elizabeth Erin Designs. The furniture, decorations, and/or fixtures depicted in the image may or may not be actually present.*