Meet the Designer – Sammi

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  • Who are you? What is your position at EED?

Hello, my name is Sammi! I am an interior designer, stager, and marketing assistant at EED.

  • Where do you pull inspiration from?

I pull inspiration mainly from Instagram and Pinterest. All of my favorite ideas a saved on Pinterest. Instagram shows me different techniques from influencers about the styles I love.

  • What is your signature style?

My signature style is modern matte farmhouse. Fancy wording, I know. Modern finishes keep a space timeless; matte describes the textures; farmhouse keeps a space warm and inviting.

  • You’re a new addition to a crayon box, what color are you?

Metallic glimmer – I’ve always got a smile on my face and my personal style is very noticeable.

  • What traits did you have as a child that hinted at your design career?

One memory that stands out is from when I was 10 or 11 – during the summer I drew all the exterior elevations of the house I grew up in. Otherwise, I was always trying to find new ways to rearrange my room or could be found coloring or drawing something.

  • What was your favorite project you’ve designed?

I haven’t been out of school long enough to really have a project that I have designed in the professional world. My favorite project from school would be the wine bottle shaped chair I crafted entirely out of wine corks. It stood about 30 inches tall!

  • What is your favorite vendor that EED uses?

I absolutely love Mercana. I think the overall design of their products are all stunning – pieces that I would love to put in my own home.

  • When you’re not designing, what are you doing?

When I’m not designing, I’m dreaming up projects to do on Pinterest, putting together project lists for my husband to help me complete, or binge watching an intriguing series on one of these three platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. Here’s a shot of a church pew I found on Facebook that we refinished for our porch. We sanded it down to bare wood, replaced the seat with new boards, and restained it in this dark finish, then coated it with lacquer (all credit really goes to the hubs for this one). After bringing it into the porch, we had an old mirror (that still needs to be hung) and a pillow with a blanket – the perfect spot to take off shoes before entering the house!


  • If you had to design with only one color for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?

My go to color is matte black – it’s so timeless and elegant.

  • What is your go-to drink?

Workdays: Yoli Passion. Weeknights: Ruby Dooby by Santa Maria Winery. Weekends: Berry White Claw or Rum & Coke

  • What is one aspect of design that you give the highest priority to?

I give my highest priority to the client. The client is truly the only one who has to live with the space, so if they don’t like it at the end of the project, they’re never going to be happy with it. So really making sure that the client is happy with all finishes, selections, and overall design is really key in my book.

  • What color do you stray away from?

Yellows, pinks, and purples.

  • What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Being called a decorator. Don’t call me or anyone in my field a decorator unless you want a lesson between the two. 😉

  • What is your funniest EED story?

Just recently, Katie and I were getting ready to take off in the SUV to go to a staging. We both weren’t paying attention to our surroundings – I was staring off in space waiting for Katie to give me directions to the staging, when suddenly Jodi was crouching/leaning towards the SUV trying to get our attention! It felt like Jodi was trying to scare us by doing so, so we were both just plain startled! We all about peed our pants laughing so hard!

  • What is your favorite thing about working at EED?

I absolutely love the environment and the rest of the ladies here. They make coming to work something to look forward to each day, especially with the hour and twenty minute commute I have each morning!