Our helpful hacks to make your first dorm or apartment something special!

Hey there everyone! Can you believe school is starting in a few short days, and summer will come to an end? Neither can we! This time of year presents many young adults with a big life change – moving away from home for the first time and out on their own – whether that be to a college dorm or first apartment. While this can be a very exciting time, leaving the nest for the first time comes with some natural stressors and anxieties. Here are EED’s tips and tricks for your first apartment, dorm, or starter space! 

1. Storage, Storage, Storage!

One thing we CAN’T stress enough about moving away, is to maximize any open areas and utilize them for storage. Dorms and apartments already lack extra space and storage, so don’t miss out on any extra opportunities, like under the bed or the backs of your doors (over the door storage is very convenient).

2. Coordinate with Co-inhabitants!

If you have a roommate(s) make sure to reach out and discuss the nitty gritty: who is bringing what? Not only will this save you some money and lessen your load, it will also help prevent ending up with 2 sofas and no microwave (or some other conundrum of the sort). 

3. Bring small reminders of home!

Bringing things that remind you of home can help make the hard or lonely days a little better. Some suggestions – lots and lots of photos of your family and friends, your favorite movies and games, and your favorite blanket that smells like home. We promise – you won’t regret bringing these items!

4. Secondhand Furniture & Decor!

Don’t break the bank buying furniture for your first dorm or apartment – it’s likely to see some wild nights with your roommates, spills and scratches, and a few moves. A huge tip is to write down a list of items you’d like to splurge on vs. ones you could save on, or buy secondhand. For example, we’d recommend splurging on your mattress, some kitchenware, and good bedding. Other things, like a dining table and chairs, nightstands, or a desk chair – you could probably buy secondhand.

5. Dual-Purpose Furniture!

As we’ve mentioned, space is sometimes limited in your first apartment or dorm. This is where dual-purpose furniture items come in handy! Storage ottomans or benches are a great place to start – provide seating, but also storage for things like blankets, pillows, or extra shoes! Another fantastic idea is a pull out sofa or futon – serves as seating by day, and an extra sleeping place by night!

6. Bring the Outdoors In!

When living in a smaller space, it’s crucial to bring in an assortment of greenery – anything that has potential to bring life to your space is a YES! Place a faux or real plant in your windowsill, or hang a cute planter from the ceiling! 

We hope these tips and tricks make move-in, and the following weeks of your moving process a little smoother. Craving more? Want a personalized shopping list for your dorm, apartment, or starter space? Contact us today and take advantage of our “Starter Space Service” – send EED a floor plan/measurements of your space, your favorite colors/design styles, and any existing items you want to incorporate! Then, EED will virtually design you a mood board and give you a shopping list of the things we highly recommend to make your space look amazing! Contact us today at office@elizabetherindesigns.com.