Proof that wall-covering is a design trend that won’t be disappearing anytime soon

Are wall-coverings a timeless home decor feature or just a current trend that will be forgotten in a few years? Some people love them, and others have a strong dislike for them, so we know they can definitely be controversial. However, interior designers use wall-coverings for many different reasons, so keep reading to find out why we think they are here to stay for many years to come!

1: Pattern! A big reason to use wall-coverings in a room is to add a fun pattern that will draw the eye of viewers. Wall-coverings bring a lot of visual interest and overall movement to a space.
They can even make your space appear longer or taller depending on the pattern used! Instead of a solid color, wall-coverings with pattern give a unique look and make a space feel more personal to your overall style

2: Accent walls! If you don’t want to cover an entire room in wall covering but still like the unique element, you might want to consider an accent wall. This can make the room feel larger because it plays with the eyes’ depth perception. It is a great way to incorporate a new design
element into the space without being overpowering. This can also be a more cost-effective way to bring some spunk to your space – a simple and easy addition

3: Texture! Adding a textured wallcovering creates dimension, hides imperfections, and adds balance to a room. Texture can express personal style while also adding a lot of visual and tactile interest. This element can be subtle or stand out in a very three-dimensional way, to get
the look that best unifies the space. Having a textured wallcovering also tends to mean it’s thicker and more durable than other wallcoverings or paint, so textured options are great for high traffic areas or families with children!

4: Luxury! Adding the perfectly-selected wall covering to a room can make it feel classy and luxurious. It gives a distinctive and sophisticated look to the atmosphere because it feels more intentional than paint. Designers will often use wall coverings if a luxurious feeling is important to
the client. A luxury wall covering is a great way to spruce up a dead or drab space in your home the space under the stairs, your powder room, a walk in pantry wall, etc. Wallcovering is a design choice that speaks of a homeowner’s attention to detail and dedication to the uplifting of
their home.

5: Color! Wall coverings are a clever way to incorporate colors into a space. If the color is in a textured pattern, it gives a completely different look than a solid wall. Color brightens up a room and helps customize the home to the owner’s style.

6: Cost! Although the upfront cost of wallcoverings are typically more expensive, wallcoverings
hold up better over time than paint. Paint requires more maintenance and can easily chip or get scuffed in high-traffic areas of the home. Since wallcoverings are more durable, it might be a better option to reduce long-term costs.

We hope these reasons have given you a better understanding of why interior designers use wall coverings in their projects and how they spruce up a room! If you are interested in incorporating wall coverings into your home, reach out to us today: