Red & Gold vs. Black & Gold

If you are located in Iowa, like we are, then there is no explanation needed for this post. However, if you are from out of state, then you could be slightly confused. Let me explain. Like other states, we have more than one public university. In Iowa, we have three: the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), Iowa State University, and the University of Iowa. However, the biggest rivalry is between the two larger universities, Iowa and Iowa State. The University of Iowa is referred to as the Hawkeyes, while Iowa State University is known as the Cyclones. Every year we have a rivalry match, and this year is now different. This weekend, one team will win and receive bragging rights for the next year.


Since the University of Iowa was founded first in 1847, we will let the Hawkeyes go first. It is a flagship university located in Iowa City, Iowa. The black and gold color scheme works extremely well with a contemporary or modern design style. Since it is so close with neutrals, it really can be adapted to fit many aesthetics. Extreme Hawkeye fans will love the last 3 images, perfect for a game room.



Next we have the Cyclones from Iowa State University, which was founded in 1858. It is a land-grant university that is located in Ames, Iowa. The red and gold color scheme is largely related back to palaces during Renaissance times. However, the colors can still work well together in more current design styles as well.


No matter which side you root for, there is sure to be some rivalry ­čÖé Don’t be afraid to make your game day room support you team either. While some are done in the cheesy manner, it impossible to support your team by having your room sport their colors. While it might be easier to create a cohesive design with additional colors, the pictures above do proved that it is not really necessary.