Sammi’s Transformed TV Console

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Happy Monday! Sammi here!

Recently, my hubs and I completed a DIY project that we’ve been meaning to finish for quite some time. We were given an old console table a while back that had its veneer peeling back, casters that were missing on its feet, and hardware that needed updated. We had it in our living room for the longest time, with burlap fabric covering the peeling veneer, being used as our TV stand. I knew what I wanted to do with it, it was just a matter of finding time to work on it.

Since my husband had a rare day off, we decided that we (he 😉) would work on it. We brought the console table out to my dad’s wood shop where all the right tools were! He tore the peeling veneer off, took off the old hardware and casters, filled the holes, and sanded it all down. Then, we taped up and papered the drawers and key holes (where we didn’t want paint to get on). This process took maybe an hour to get it all to where he could put a white primer on it.

Once primed, we waited several hours before we could apply the finishing coat. My dad had a generic white color paint in his shop, so that’s what I had chose for the console table. Tyler then put the paint in the sprayer and sprayed it on the console table and drawers. We waited again for the paint to dry.

Inspired by the brassy-look of the key holes on the drawers, I wanted to find brassy-looking pulls for the drawers. With the wood being pretty old and the curve of the drawers, I needed to find hardware pulls that had a ring around the base of it so that it would prevent any cracking when drilling the hole for the pulls. I ended up finding the pulls from Amazon.

Because I wanted the console table to give off a scuffed-up look, I took sandpaper (80 grit) along the most outer edges of it. With doing that, it made the roughness of the console table look natural – which is what I was going for; I didn’t want the scuffed part to look like it wasn’t meant to be there.

And now here’s the final product in our living room! I really love how it turned out. I was given some heck from family that I shouldn’t paint it – but with so many dark elements in our living room (woods, leather, dark fireplace), I wanted it to brighten up the room a little bit. Redoing the piece really makes the living room feel more put together!