Staging a Few Rooms vs the Whole House: How Do I Decide?

Jodi Peterman Uncategorized

Congrats, you’ve decided to sell your home – now it’s time to stage the house for listing! When it comes to luxury home staging, how do you decide between have just a few rooms staged versus having your entire home staged? Today, we have a few tips for you to consider when it comes to making this decision!

1. Consider the Price 

When it comes down to it, price matters! If you are worried about cost, we recommend choosing to have some, not all rooms in your home staged (keep reading to discover which rooms we suggest choosing!) The biggest thing to consider is how much of a return on an investment the staging will generate. Typically there is a very good ROI for staging an entire home at a higher price point, however if that is not your case, it may make sense to just stage a few rooms.

2. Always Stage the Main Spaces

Staging the main spaces is always a good idea – this includes kitchen, living, dining, and master suite. These are the focal points for most buyers, so presentation is key!

3. What About Extra Rooms?

Once you’ve staged the main rooms of a home, the question becomes whether or not you will choose to stage additional rooms, like extra bedrooms, offices, and basements. First, assess whether or not these rooms are located on the home’s main floor. If the upper level remains unstaged, it is not as big of a deal as leaving main floor rooms untouched. The main floor is where most living will occur, and it dictates buyers’ first impression of the home. If you would like to have only the aforementioned main spaces staged, consider whether or not any extra rooms can be seen from the main spaces. An office with glass doors located off of the living room is a good candidate for staging, as this space will inevitably end up in photos of the living room and create a more cohesive space. 

4. Showcase Exceptional Spaces

If there is a big, unique feature in your home, stage it! Choosing to stage an extra room like a bar, sunroom, large deck or piano room showcases the special features of your home, which will set it apart from other home options the buyer is considering!

5. Consider the Scale

If you are simply looking to sell your home, it may not be necessary for you to stage every single room of the house. However, if your home is a home show, part of a special event, or any other occasion that will draw more publicity, anything above typical walkthroughs and open houses, you will definitely want to look at staging more rooms!

We hope that this post was helpful as you consider which rooms of your home to stage.