The 5 Senses and How We Emphasize Them in Luxury Staging

Jodi Peterman Uncategorized

Selling a house is an emotional rollercoaster – full of the ups of a good showing or downs that come with waiting periods or negotiations. Selling your home has a high emotional impact, just as buying a home does. You want your buyers to have the best experience as they walk through and experience your home. Because emotions work hand-in-hand with our senses, it is important to emphasize the senses in our luxury staging services. 

Smell is one of the first things someone will notice when walking into your home – so you want to make sure it’s a good first impression. Remove any pungent food or pet smells before a showing. Have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned if you can. Add soft smells that are light and fresh before the showings, such as cutting up a lemon. Even simple things like taking out your trash and doing the dishes will cut down smells. 

When it comes to touch, luxury stagers focus on things that entice buyers with a sense of warmth. We use a variety of textures and consistencies throughout the staging, like textured rugs, soft blankets, or fluffy pillows. Tactile materials are one of the best ways to get buyers interested and excited about things around your home. One more thing related to touch – remove dust or dirt from any surfaces your buyers might touch. Nothing would be worse as a buyer than wiping away a finger of dust when inspecting the counters or other surfaces.

Noise is sometimes tricky to mask on showing day because you can’t control things like trains, traffic, etc. The key here is to control what you can – eliminate squeaky door hinges or floorboards, or turn off alarms within your home. If you are close with your neighbors, ask them to keep their animals inside to eliminate outside noise during showings.

You might be thinking, what?! How will a home stager use taste to emphasize a luxury staging? To be honest, we don’t use this one as much, and the way we do might be different than you might think. Some of our staging inventory includes kitchenware, and we like to implement table settings in our stagings so potential buyers can envision family dinners. We also have a wide variety of faux fruits and foods we use from time to time that help buyers imagine the home as their own. Lastly, if the home has a generous-sized walk-in pantry, we like to reorganize it and establish zones and a place for everything.

This one is easy for home stagers to accomplish; sight is undoubtedly the main sense our profession aims to invoke. From arranging your furniture in a way that makes sense traffic pattern-wise to selecting beautiful color schemes, sight keeps our industry going. Removing clutter, depersonalizing, and cleaning are all part of sight as well. Home staging is designed to help buyers imagine themselves in your home, and this is mainly accomplished by what they see the minute they walk in the front door.

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