The deceiving portrayal of home staging on TV, and how our services differ.

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Popular TV shows on channels like HGTV can give the common public a deceiving view into home staging services. While we are thrilled home staging is receiving public light, which may lead to more consumers deciding to invest in home staging, what is shown on TV isn’t always the truth. Home staging on TV gives false expectations and we are here to debunk those myths. What you see on TV in regards to home staging is NOT real life, ladies and gentlemen!

The first unfortunate result of consumers watching home staging on TV is people believing they can stage their homes themselves. Although homeowners can make a few adjustments on their own, such as taking our advice on removing clutter and personal mementos, true home staging takes training. As home stagers, we go through professional training, as home staging is a sort of science. EED utilizes our 20+ years of combined experience to masterfully stage your properties. It can also be hard to be objective when it comes to getting rid of or packing away your own special belongings. This is why we recommend hiring someone to do your home staging – plus it will take some of the stress off your plate!

Another misconception about home staging is that staging only takes one day. On reality TV, home staging is often shown in time-lapse format, which makes a staging seem like a process which only lasts a few hours. In reality, our home staging services take a few days due to the behind the scenes work. We usually have an initial phone call and/or home walk-through with our clients, in addition to the time it takes to design the staging, pull and pack everything needed, and coordinate our teams and movers. Then on Stage-Day, we spend time at the storage unit, driving to the staging, doing the actual staging, and then cleaning everything. It is definitely a longer process than you might think, but we take pride in creating beautiful, well-thought out designs.

An additional misbelief about home staging is it costs too much. While home staging is an investment, your return will reward you tenfold. Check out this quote from Kathy Smith, owner of Dream Schemes Home Staging & Styling, “Staging should not be seen as an expense, it is an investment. The cost of staging is always, and I mean always, far less than the initial price reduction made to the home.” Don’t just take our word for it folks, here is another Des Moines area certified home stager validating the cost of home staging! We can’t say it enough times, home staging is worth the investment because it WORKS.

Kathy Smith also agrees that home staging brings more value to your home. “Having your home professionally staged, will add so much more value to the home. Your home will be show ready, photograph beautifully and bring in many more buyers. True story folks, the last stats I have seen, is that a staged home will sell 67% faster and for 6% to 20% more than a non-staged home.” 

As you can tell, there are some clear cut differences between staging you see on TV, versus the reality of home staging. EED is very proud to be a part of the staging market here in Des Moines, IA. Even more so, we take a luxury approach with our stagings – giving our clients the highest quality design and experience possible! We combine our knowledge and understanding of space and color with an inventory of on-trend luxury designer accessories, furnishing and finishes. Along with creative photography, our luxury home staging services give your online marketing a visual validation, justifying your asking price and motivating buyers to invest in your property quickly.

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