The thing NO ONE wants to Address : Spring Cleaning

Spring is literally weeks away! WHAAAAATTT?! Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year, like, yesterday?! Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited! Once the end of January hit, I was already sick of the snow and sloppiness. Grossness. Spring to me means melting snow, thunderstorms, leaves budding from trees, and the sweet songs from the birds who have spent all winter down South.

But, it also means time to clean house! Time to get rid of all the murkiness of winter, the dirt that inevitably got tracked into the house, and the CLUTTER that accumulated. It’s a daunting task that the majority of people wouldn’t freely do in their free time, but we all know it has to get done.

To be honest, it’s the mudroom that probably took the hardest beating all winter. Everyone tracked in ALL OF THE THINGS, and it’s just a disaster. Boots strewn about, piles of winter jackets, and…. OMG is that where Toto’s chew toy went?! 😉

For me, it’s easiest to clear everything ALL out of whatever space I’m cleaning. I need to see the floor or whatever surface that’s below the mess. After doing that, I go to the pile of stuff that I took away and start organizing. Papers going in the filer. Hats, gloves, and coats get washed, folded, and stored away in a box neatly labeled “winter outside-wear.” Boots get wiped off with hot, soapy water, and stored on shelving in the basement. Those rugs in the main entryways take a pretty hard beating as well, so if they’re beyond repair of what a washing machine can fix, new ones are purchased (BTW, we have some gorgeous new patterns you have to check out in our showroom!). Even if they’re not beyond repair, I think the freshness of a brand new rug is always a game changer!

After finding the homes for everything, out comes the cleaning supplies. Hot water, vinegar, and dish soap with an old rag are my go to. It’s grandma-approved and chemical free! Great with little kids are around!! I wipe down and dry whatever surface that needs a little facelift. That bucket of water gets pretty nasty pretty quickly, but boy, is it satisfying to know that things are clean! It’s especially satisfying on hard-surface flooring, in case you wanted to know!

If cleaning isn’t your thing, there are plenty of cleaning services out there (we can even recommend a few) who would happily do the dirty work for you so that you don’t have to! Tell us below in the comments! Are you a cleaner or someone who has someone else clean for you?