The Truth Behind the Staging Investment

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Frequently we get asked these questions: does staging my house work and how much does it cost on average to stage a house? The answers are simple, when staging is done well, it lowers the time a property sits on the market and sells for more money. The investment in staging is always less than a price reduction, so the real question should be, why would you not invest in staging to protect your investment?

Staging a property is an investment in marketing your property. Showcasing each space and putting your property’s best foot forward! Take our owner Jodi’s house for example. When she was looking to put her personal house on the market it was a tough price range to sell in. She interviewed three different realtors who all did a market analysis on the target list price for where the home should be listed at. Each realtor suggested listing it $75,000.00 LESS than where she wanted to be at. 

Jodi wanted to protect the investment her and her husband had made in the property, so they invested $25,000.00 in remodel upgrades, as well as brought our team in to professionally stage the home. She then had her Realtor come back out to tour the property after the remodel and staging were completed. It was agreed upon to list the home $75,000.00 higher than the original evaluation.  The $25,000 investment plus a  $4,275.00 staging created a total investment of only $29,275.00. The property went on the market. Within six days they had a 95% asking price offer and the property was sold that evening! The ROI was protected by making the decision to invest in upgrades and professional staging services!

The goal when selling any property is always to sell as quickly as you can for as much money as you can. Staging reduces the risk of price reductions and increases the perceived value of the house. This perceived value draws the attention of buyers, while also increasing the value of the home resulting in a higher list price. Just take the cover photo of this blog for example. If you were looking at this property, which photo would seal the deal for you? Which would make you want to take the time out of your day to check this property out? When looking at the pictures side by side it is pretty easy to see the importance.

Still not convinced? Check out just a few of the raving reviews we have received from past clients below or check out our blog 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Staging Company When Selling Your Home. We are not just sitting here talking the talk. We walk the walk and it shows! Consistently our professional signature staging services bring in offers faster. Feel free to reach out if you are a Realtor/investor and want to learn more about how you can incorporate our signature staging services to your business. Or if you are a home owner and you want to get the most money for your property and have any questions. Contact us at 515-986-1895 or We cannot wait to hear from you. Until next time!

“We hired Katie to stage our home and she was amazing!  She gave us many great ideas we had never considered.  My husband was skeptical about hiring someone, but when she left he said it was some of the best money we ever spent!  If we need additional design help, we will definitely contact Katie and Elizabeth Erin Designs!” -Carol, client

“5 star service with 5 star results.  I received an offer on a property within 6hrs on the market because of the amazing marketing photos after having the home staged by Katie @ Elizabeth Erin Designs.  She has a great vision and understands what appeals to the masses.  Excellent value and excellent service!” -Tyler, Realtor

“Katie staged my house before we placed it on the market. When I saw the after pictures I was amazed at the complete transformation of every room. Talent, passion, and creativity showed through in every aspect of the staging. We received three offers within 20 hours of listing and sold shortly there after above asking price. Great service, staff, and company!” -Ryan, client