This Just In: Our Top 5 Luxury Home Stagings of 2021

2021 was a good year for us when it comes to staging. We rebranded our staging services to a more all-inclusive approach with our “Luxury Home Staging Services”. Our luxury services will elevate any properties’ selling potential in today’s competitive market. Whether it be our Luxury Vacant, Luxury Verbal, or Luxury Virtual services, you are sure to be in good hands with EED! We have been honored to stage some beautiful homes while making great connections and partnerships in our industry this year. Checkout some of our best performing stagings: 

#5: Honorable Mention – Prairie Trail

Realtor Tammy Heckart reached out to us to stage this home, as she had previously used our staging services in the past. We staged this 4 bed, 3 bath Prairie Trail beauty in early January. We loved the open floor plan and tall ceilings – a stager’s dream! Checkout these photos, we’re still in awe 12 months later!

#4: Edison Condo Unit

We’ve staged a few units now at the Edison Condos in downtown Des Moines. Edison features a great location, atmosphere, and price points! This unit we staged in April was our second unit done at Edison. 

#3: Ankeny Ranch Home

We staged this home in collaboration with Tiffan Yamen, a luxury Des Moines realtor. We have done many amazing staging projects with Tiffan in the past, and this one was no different! This Ankeny home was a beautiful walk-out ranch home we staged back in July. We mainly just brought in our accessories and then reorganized and re-accessorized this home. 

#2: Norwalk Staging

We staged this home in partnership with Des Moines Area Realtor, Steve Clark. A beautiful 5 bed, 4 bath custom built walkout ranch home in Norwalk, IA. This home was so fun to stage – we accessorized some spaces and brought furniture into the lower level. We staged this home on February 6th, and we were notified it had sold by February 25th – sold in a whopping 19 days from the date of staging!

#1: Waco Court Staging

This staging was a project we completed for realtor David Welch. This Des Moines property was a one-of-a-kind mid century modern home. Complete with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and plenty of entertainment spaces – its no wonder this home sold 12 days after our staging team worked their magic! 

We hope you enjoyed looking back on our best stagings of the year with us. To find out more about our Luxury Staging Services check out Luxury Home Staging Glossary – What All These Terms Really Mean or checkout another successful staging story here: Sold In 48 Hours For Full Asking Price – Luxury Home Staging Testimonial. Stay tuned to hear more about what we have in store for Luxury Staging in 2022 as well! Have a topic you want us to discuss in a blog in 2022? Shoot us a message or email and let us know! You can also always reach us at 515-986-1895 or Thanks for reading, have a great day.