Unique Plant Placements!

Hey everyone, this week we are going to share how you can incorporate some of your favorite plants in unique ways around your home! Instead of just the original plant in pot, we want you to be creative with you decorating so here are some of our suggestions!

This first option gives you the easy transition of using pots you may already have and just displaying them in an inventive way! Whether inside your home or outside near your garden, you could make this work for you. This is a fun way to display a variety of plants as well, so  you can showcase all of your favorites instead of just one kind!


This is a fun way if you don’t have a ton of room to set your plants, utilize other space by hanging them! These planters are unique shapes in different metals and give a great rustic look. Thy could be used in multiples areas of the house and give a great feel to your home.


This fun planter could be used in a couple different ways! Using the succulents it gives a great look and you can add in color through them too. This could be a great look for a table center piece or for some accessorizing on the shelf! You chose what you like best, but this definitely can give your home that finished look!


Here is another hanging option which is always fun! These ones are a bit different though, they are see through. They have a hole in the side of them and them you plant whatever plant you want inside of this glass sphere and you can see it grow! It’s another fun and unique way to display a variety of plants.

Here is a more classic way to display your plants through pots, however using a variety of shapes and sizes but all white gives a great look. It makes it look clean and put together and gives your home a nice accessory! This is an easy option if you already have plants potted, you just have to switch out pots!


This is our last example for today, using a bird cage! This is great for indoor or outdoor. Getting a variety of plants, especially ones that you know will hang gives this a great look! It’s a unique way to display your plants and give a really elegant look if you are wanting that extra touch!


We hope you enjoyed our ideas today and decide to incorporate these fun plant placing ideas into your home!