Verbal Home Staging Consultations Explained

Elizabeth Erin Designs Residential

One of the many services we offer at Elizabeth Erin Designs for Home Stagings are verbal consultations. These appointments are designed for homeowners who plan to live in the property while it is on the market, and is commonly referred to as an Occupied Home Staging Consultation. It is a budget friendly option for clients who want to stage their property, but just need ideas. They don’t need rentals or for us to implement the design.

With an Occupied Home Staging Consultation, a designer will come to the property to walk through with the homeowner and/or the Realtor.  The designer will go room by room, giving the client information to write down. She may also pull up pictures as an example.  The investment of this service is $371.00.  When implemented properly, staging will cut down the time a home is on the market, taxes, and upkeep cost.

The most common feedback that we get from our verbal consultation clients is that they love the hands on approach. They feel educated on how and why we place items for marketing a home, which puts the control back in their hands. Ultimately they feel as if they have control over the selling experience!

If you are interested in setting up a verbal consultation, feel free to call our office at (515)986-1896 and schedule your appointment today!