Why The Details Matter – Home Staging Tips for Closets and Pantries

When staging your home to sell, ideas about main living spaces such as the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room are sure to spring to the surface. However, the often overlooked details, such as the pantry or various closets, serve as the cherry-on-top when it comes to prospective buyer appeal. Today, we have a few simple tips to help you style these spaces and elevate your home! 

1. Bring in Baskets

A few matching baskets are an effortless way to create cohesion and minimize visual clutter within a closet or pantry space.

2. Break Up the Packaging

An excess of messy food packaging can quickly cause a pantry to feel cluttered and disastrous, no matter how many ways they are arranged. Consider bringing in some food storage sets to display goods in a more visually appealing manner. From glassware to airtight plastic, there are a range of products available to step up your pantry’s charm! Labeling items is a quick way to visually organize as well! 

3. Curate, Curate, Curate

If you are looking to showcase a unique or luxurious closet design, consider hand-picking an assortment of clothing places to display rather than stuffing your space full of clothing. Choose pieces that complement your home’s overall design, and toss in a few different lengths, colors, and textures of clothing to add interest. Think of your closet as another opportunity to extend the design of your home, rather than just a storage solution.

4. A More Subtle Approach

If a luxury statement closet is out of the picture for you, don’t worry! Sort clothing by color, fold clothes evenly, and swap in matching hangers to tidy up your clothes. Consider length and clothing type while sorting clothing as well. While most of your clothes can stay, increase cohesion by removing any items that may stick out due to abnormal color or size. Although seemingly subtle, these changes effectively step up your closet and photograph well. 

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