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At Elizabeth Erin Designs, our dedication goes beyond mere aesthetics; our focus is creating immersive experiences that resonate on a 5-D level, symbolizing our commitment to creating multi-dimensional experiences. With our unique EED Process, we give our clients the power to strategically allocate their budget  Whether you’re enhancing your personal space, a multi-family property, outfitting a workplace or creating a vacation retreat, our comprehensive interior design services are tailored to guide you through the process and achieve your vision in a truly innovative and transformative way.
Ready to dive into the extraordinary world of ‘Designing in 5D’? Kickstart your journey with a complimentary discovery consult led by our CEO, Jodi Peterman.  Together, we’ll explore your project scope and budget, offering valuable insights into our ethos and the innovative EED Process. Don’t miss this chance to unlock the full potential of your project— Book your consultation now and experience a world where extraordinary design meets your busy lifestyle, tailored to provide not only stunning aesthetics but also personalized support throughout the process.


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Elizabeth Erin Designs offers full-service Residential, Commercial and Vacation Rental interior design. To learn more about our services, fill out and submit this form. Once you click SEND, you will receive an email to book a consultation with us and a questionnaire to tell us more about your project. We look forward to learning about your project!

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