EED Process


Ensured Ease Design: The EED Process Puts You In Control

Jodi developed the Ensured Ease Design Process (EED Process) to improve our clients new construction and remodeling experience. It puts our clients in control over their budget!

Without design support, almost 85% of all contracted home-building or remodel projects will go over budget by 20+%, and still fail to achieve the client’s vision!  Whether it’s designing a space in your residence, working on a commercial project with contractors, or creating a vacation rental that will stand out, working with Elizabeth Erin Designs will extend your budget while achieving your goals.  If you begin a project working off of contractor allowances, it is likely that portions of your budget will go to fixing mistakes, or towards overlooked upcharges due to miscommunication. 

The EED Process | Guarantees Simple

"It's never too early... to involve your designer!"

From the floor plan to the color of the grout, Elizabeth Erin Designs will be there for you throughout your project. Let our expertise simplify your design process and elevate your outcome.

We provide you and your contractors with documents that support getting bids based on real products and designs instead of working off allowances. Having real bids allows you to make informed decisions about your selections and where to put your budget dollars based on what’s important to you BEFORE you purchase or sign off on selections.

Our EED Process ensures communication ease and saves you time and money by not having to use your contingency money – which can be used for furniture, window coverings, and accessories that make your new space rewarding sooner rather than later.

A Simple, Avoidable Mistake – with a Big Price Tag

Mandy, a busy mother of four, was excited to build and move into their new, modern home. What she didn’t expect was that the contractor’s standard agreement included a flat paint finish for the walls.  The flat finish paint showed every little handprint from her active children during the walk-through. She decided to engage EED when she was well into the build process.  Involving an interior designer at the beginning of the project would have saved Mandy $8,000 – which was the cost of repainting the interior with finishes that would easily hide scuff marks and little handprints. 

If Elizabeth Erin Designs had been utilized from the start, Mandy’s story would have been about using extra funds for the extra special finishes or furniture, rather than a costly mistake. We delight in representing our clients’ best interests. We know how to maximize your design tastes while staying within your budget. 

The EED Process will work for you!

It’s Your EED Guarantee!

Step 1

Schedule your 1 hour Discovery Consultation with our owner Jodi to understand our process and receive a tailored proposal, setting you up for the next phase.

Step 2

Explore your design vision with your lead designer, where your preferences take shape through a collaborative session, aligning your project’s direction.

Step 3

Approve your custom floor plan, with the option for a black and white 3D walkthrough, and select a contractor to transition into the realization phase.

Step 4

Select finishes with expert guidance, finalize designs, and coordinate with your contractor to ensure your project reflects your budget and vision.

Step 5

Choose furniture with our team, leading to procurement and installation. Once the pieces are ready, our skilled professionals handle the installation with precision and care, bringing your dream design to life right before your eyes.