The Great Tub Adventure: A Tale of Design, Desperation, and Determination

The Calm Before the Storm


In 2019, we embarked on what was to be one of our most ambitious projects yet: designing a Show Home that would showcase not only our design expertise but our dedication to quality and detail. Every piece selected for this home was chosen with care, including a bespoke bathtub that was to be the centerpiece of the master bathroom. This wasn’t just any tub; it was a symbol of luxury and relaxation, carefully chosen to make a statement.



Disaster Strikes


Three days before the scheduled installation, a call shattered the calm of our preparations. The bathtub, which was supposed to be on a fast track from Australia to the USA, was instead on a cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A crucial ‘RUSH’ notice had gone unseen, and standard shipping protocols had been followed.


The realization that our centerpiece might not make it in time for the install was a designer’s worst nightmare. The room designed around this tub would be incomplete, a glaring omission in our otherwise meticulously planned Show Home.


A Race Against Time


Refusing to succumb to defeat, the company behind the bathtub embarked on a rescue mission worthy of a Hollywood script. They hired a helicopter to locate and retrieve the cargo from the ship amidst the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The tub was then rushed through port security with no time to spare, a testament to the lengths we were willing to go to uphold our commitment to design and quality.


The Final Stretch


The adventure didn’t end at the port. The tub’s journey across the country was entrusted to a sprinter van, driven by a determined individual tasked with delivering our precious cargo. As the van made its way to the house, the anticipation built. Would it arrive on time?


In a scene that could only be described as serendipitous, the van pulled up just as our plumbers were ready to begin their day. The tub, now more than just a fixture but a symbol of determination and teamwork, was carefully unloaded and installed in its rightful place.



Reflections on a Tub Well-Traveled


The Show Home was a success, with visitors none the wiser of the drama that unfolded behind the scenes. The bathtub, in all its glory, served as a silent testament to what can be achieved when creativity meets determination.


This experience taught us invaluable lessons about flexibility, problem-solving, and the importance of communication. It underscored the fact that in the world of design, sometimes the most unexpected challenges lead to the most memorable successes.


Looking Forward


As we move forward, the story of the great tub adventure will remain a cornerstone of our design philosophy. It’s a vivid reminder that no challenge is too great when you’re committed to excellence. Our Show Home of 2019 stands not just as a showcase of design but as a testament to the unyielding spirit of all those who turned a potential disaster into a triumph.


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