The Perfect Gift for Dad: A Man Cave or Grilling Area by Elizabeth Erin Designs


When designing a home, it is important consider personalized spaces outside of the traditional rooms in a house. They are what give each home character and display the personality of the people that live there. This father’s day, consider a gift that is unique and special. A personalized man cave, grilling area, or luxury office space is the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Don’t have an eye for design? Don’t worry, Elizabeth Erin Designs has your back. With experience and expertise in designing tailored spaces such as man caves and grilling areas, Dad will have the space he has always dreamed of.


There are many benefits to having personalized rooms such as a man cave or grilling area. It is the perfect way to incorporate someone’s interests into their home. Personalizations like this are what makes a home differ from a house. Different features may be added to each space to make it unique. Outdoor areas can be filled with state-of-the-art grilling stations, fire pits, customized storage, and outdoor seating. Man caves may incorporate entertainment systems, bar setups, personalized wall decor, and more. These spaces can double as a means of entertainment with friends and family, or as a spot for retreat and relaxation.
At Elizabeth Erin Designs, we design using the Ensured Ease Design Process (EED Process). To avoid frustration, we use this process to ensure everything is thoroughly planned out. The EED Process consists of five main steps. 
  • Step 1 – Schedule your 1 hour Discovery Consultation with our owner Jodi to understand our process and receive a tailored proposal, setting you up for the next phase.
  • Step 2 – Explore your design vision with your lead designer, where your preferences take shape through a collaborative session, aligning your project’s direction.
  • Step 3 – Approve your custom floor plan, with the option for a black and white 3D walkthrough, and select a contractor to transition into the realization phase.
  • Step 4 – Select finishes with expert guidance, finalize designs, and coordinate with your contractor to ensure your project reflects your budget and vision.
  • Step 5 – Choose furniture with our team, leading to procurement and installation. Once the pieces are ready, our skilled professionals handle the installation with precision and care, bringing your dream design to life right before your eyes.
At Elizabeth Erin Designs, we work with you through each of these steps to ensure your design is not only up to your standards, but surpassing them. Your wants and needs for your design are our top priority. 
As stated by one of our clients, “Interior designers should have ideas and opinions of their own, otherwise what’s the purpose? But they need to be able to incorporate the client’s ideas with their own in a joint collaboration to create a client-focused outcome. That is what Jodi and her team does. You don’t want to look at 50 different tiles, cabinet colors, fixtures, wood types… a designer should refine the options based on your style and simplify the process for you. That is what EED has done for us. The team is amazing!” – Rhodes
A few of our team members have shared stories of their own about how the services of Elizabeth Erin Designs could be the perfect gift for someone they love. 
Jodi our CEO and Lead Designer shared her heart warming story:

“This year has been remarkable for our family as my dad decided to retire, sell our family farm, and embark on a new adventure in Florida. Watching him take this big step has been both inspiring and bittersweet.

Helping my dad transition to this new chapter has brought us closer together. We’ve spent countless hours working to create his dream home in Orlando—a whole house man cave that reflects his personality and passions. From designing the perfect space to adding personal touches, every moment has been a wonderful bonding experience.

Dad, your hard work and dedication on the farm have always been a testament to your strength and perseverance. Now, seeing you embrace this new journey with the same enthusiasm fills me with pride. Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work, family, and adaptability.

Here’s to many more memories in your Florida paradise. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Enjoy every moment of your well-deserved retirement.



Love you always, Jodi”


Our Intern Abby shares her cute story:



While I have an eye for design, my dad loves to build things. Throughout high school I would challenge him to make different pieces of furniture. We would work on these projects together and many of these pieces furnish my current apartment to this day.

My dad’s dream room would be a woodworking shop. He wouldn’t need anything to be fancy, but functionality is crucial. Working with Elizabeth Erin Designs would allow him to have the most functional and organized space that he can pursue his hobbies.
Our marketing coordinator Ally explains how her dad’s love of golf can encourage the ultimate man cave:
“Golf is more than a hobby for my dad—it’s his ideal way to celebrate any occasion. His dream of the perfect “man cave” includes a sophisticated golf simulator and a personal putting green, much like the project we completed for one of our esteemed clients at Elizabeth Erin Designs.
“In a recent project we designed a lower-level space featuring a putting green, tailored for year-round golfing, regardless of the weather. This space is not only a golfer’s paradise but also a versatile area for entertaining guests, equipped with various fun games that make it a prime spot for gatherings.”
Our lead designer, Haylee, touches on how her dad’s love for baseball would inspire his own personal space:
“If anyone knows anything about my dad, it’s that he LOVES baseball season. He will be watching the Cubs every chance he gets. His perfect “man cave” would include a large screen projector, with the perfect sound system, surrounded by all of his favorite Cubs memorabilia. 
“In a recent project we designed a lower-level space featuring the ultimate movie room with plenty of space on the walls to hang posters and different memorabilia. This space is perfect for hosting the ultimate sporting event to get together and cheer on everyone’s favorite team.”
Our office assistant, Danielle, explains how her dad’s hobbies would encourage a workroom with lots of storage:
“My father’s hobby is wood working.  He builds a lot of furniture and refinishes antiques.  He has incredible pieces that we always joke about being able to survive the strongest of storms by the time he’s finished, but he is also between several projects at one time.  So having a space designed to keep him organized and where he can move between projects with ease would be wonderful!”
Danielle’s father could benefit from a personalized woodworking shop to work on and store his projects. This way, his projects have a specific place and no one else around the house will accidentally run into one. EED can help by designing personalized storage solutions.
Once you have decided you want to gift our services to someone special, it is time to decide how to deliver the gift. You could always just tell them, but where’s the fun in that? A fun way to present the idea is to print out the confirmation of the design consultation. Place the printed confirmation in an envelope. Adding a personalized touch such as confetti in the envelope or fun doodles on the envelop are always encouraged. 
If you have an idea of what Dad would want, you can start the first couple of steps without him and gift him the floor plans and renderings of his reinvented space. If you go this route, you will want to think about what would make the space special to him. Does he have a favorite color? How about a favorite sports team? Does he like to entertain or will he want this space to be his own personal room to relax?
The gift of a personalized space is a unique gift option that will last for years. This will allow the recipient of the space to have their own personal sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day. Not only can it be a space of relaxation, it can be used as a space to create memories that will last forever. The Elizabeth Erin Design team has your back to help you create the most memorable of gifts. 
We would love to hear your stories or ideas of the ideal man cave or grilling area. Please comment any thoughts you have. 
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