Transforming Your Space: A Comprehensive Main Level Makeover by Elizabeth Erin Designs

At Elizabeth Erin Designs, our passion is to transform spaces into timeless reflections of our clients’ visions and personalities. Recently, we had the pleasure of rejuvenating a client’s entire main level, infusing it with modern flair while maximizing functionality. Our journey of transformation embraced the kitchen, dining area, living room, laundry, stairwell, and even the garage entry space, all within the existing home’s footprint.


Out with the Old, In with the New

The primary challenge was to eradicate the dated 90s honey oak finishes that dominated the space, replacing them with a contrasting and modern design palette that dramatically brightened and refreshed the entire area. The homeowner’s desire for ample storage was met with innovative solutions, seamlessly integrated into the redesign to enhance both aesthetics and utility.


Kitchen: A Modern Culinary Oasis

The heart of this home, the kitchen, saw a significant transformation. By installing full-height pantry cabinets and introducing a peninsula with an appliance garage, we not only increased storage but also delineated the kitchen as its own distinct space. An extension through cabinetry into the eat-in area further unified the design while boosting functionality.



Living Room: A Refresh with Impact

In the living room, a minor refresh made a major impact. A simple repaint of the existing built-ins breathed new life into the space, aligning it with the kitchen’s modern aesthetic. This subtle change underscored our belief that sometimes, a little goes a long way.


Dining Space: Elegantly Redefined

The dining area underwent a similar transformation. Repainting the wainscoting and walls, coupled with the introduction of a suitably scaled dining table and chairs, brought the space into the modern era. Strategic furniture updates, paint, and lighting were all it took to modernize the room completely.



Powder Room: A Splash of Fun

Not forgetting the powder room, we infused it with a playful yet timeless touch through blue wallpaper. This choice added a fun pop of color, proving that style and simplicity can coexist beautifully.



A Vision Realized

Describing this project in four words—contrasting, modernized, clean, and calming—captures the essence of the transformation. At Elizabeth Erin Designs, our commitment to realizing our clients’ visions is unwavering. This main level makeover is a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that not only meet our clients’ functional needs but also exceed their aesthetic expectations.


Transform your space with Elizabeth Erin Designs, where your vision is our blueprint for innovation and elegance. Contact us today to get started on your project. Whether you’re dreaming of a modern kitchen makeover, a cozy and inviting living room, or a serene and stylish bedroom, we’re here to make those dreams a reality.

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