Achieving Your Vision No Matter Where Your Project Is Located, Elizabeth Erin Designs Is Now Designing Nationwide!

Elizabeth Erin Designs  just celebrated 18 years and I cannot think of a better to celebrate by announcing that we are now set up for National Design Services!  Many of you who have been following Elizabeth Erin Designs for a while know that in 2009 I moved my company from New Jersey to Iowa and things have not slowed down since.  We have thrived, despite challenges in growing a business and all the unforeseen road blocks universe has been giving us lately.   That is due to the fact that I have make an investment in the woman that I have hired.  This has allowed me to become the face of my company and afforded me the time to look into other opportunities for parenting and growth.  Our latest partnership has created opportunities for us to provide a win-win interior design package for a company that invest in multi-family properties across the nation. 

We provide interior design finish selections on apartments, corridors, offices, community spaces, fitness rooms, pool areas and other misc community spaces.  The selections are provided in a timely manor and we collaborate to make sure we stay with-in budget.  Once the selections are completed for the apartments, the renovations get under way and the real fun begins!  

While their team is re-renovating the apartments, Elizabeth Erin Designs begins designing for the model apartment.  Once the design is approved, we order and ship all items on site.  Their team has a POD delivered so that as items arrive for the model unit, they inspect and assemble and store these items until everything has arrived.  As soon as we have an ETA on the last items, myself and another team member travel to the location with all the accessories and set up shop.  We make sure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and fix any issues that may arise.  Then we take professional photos and share them with the team.  Bellow is a couple of examples of the apartments we have designed.  On to the next phase!

While one designer is working on a design for the model, another designer is working on the designs for all the community spaces including furniture, artwork and all the little detail…Once the finishes are approved, we take care of ordering all finishes items they need for construction, such as cabinet hardware and wallpaper.  For example here is a custom sign and faux moss wall we selected for this AMAZING space at Three Rivers Apt in Fort Wayne, IN!

While construction is underway in the community spaces, all furnishing items are ordered.  Due to some of those challenges the universe has giving us that I mentioned early on, our industry is getting hammered with delays in producing and shipping furniture goods and there is no end in site soon, so ordering early is a key to success.  Once all those items have been delivered on site, the same process happens.  Their team unboxes, assembles and stores the items, which is a creative way to save our clients budget money! Two days before Elizabeth Erin Designs design team arrives onsite, their team places the items in the spaces according to our layout plan.  Our team shows up with all the accessories and our bag of tricks to fix any issues that might sneak up on us!  

I am personally enjoying this opportunity and all solving every road block that comes our way that comes with this type of growth!  Please stay connected with us so we can share and inspire you with our designs across the great United States of America!  Here is a map of the locations Elizabeth Erin Designs has put our design stamp on projects!  We anxiously await more design opportunities, oh the places we will go!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our nationwide interior design services, we can be reached through our website CLICK HERE.  There you can also view our portfolio.   If you have a topic you would like us to cover in a future blog, please email us at and let us know what you would like to hear about.  Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest interior design information. Have a beautiful week and remember Elizabeth Erin Designs is always here to shed light on how we can assist you in achieving your vision