Halloween Decor

Are you planning a Halloween party? Well this is just the post for you, with Halloween coming up this weekend, we decided to share some awesome Halloween decorations and party ideas that we found and thought were fabulous! These are all some very classy looking decorations that are easy DIY projects with objects you can find around your house or at the nearest Hobby Lobby! There are so many options for a Halloween party, so we only picked a few that stood out to us!

To start us off, if you are just looking for some decorations here are a few that we found to be just wonderful! We have these gorgeous white painted pumpkins that were then drawn/written on with sharpies! How easy is that? It gives a simple but fun look and you could even put lines from your favorite horror stories on them! Another decoration we found very appealing was this mirror with cob webs and black and white pumpkins! Mirrors with intricate detailing always seem to look creepy find a cheap one and throw cob webs and spiders over it and you have the perfect classy scary look! If you want it to look even more elegant, paint some pumpkins black and white and make an arrangement in front of the mirror for a perfect entry display! There are so many more decor ideas out there, you just have to look!

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Now if you are throwing a party, you are most likely going to have food and drinks as well right? Well here are some great ideas on how to display your dining room for a haunted feast, or a great place to display all of those goodies for your guests! The first is this fun goody display that used black, white, and red! They picked foods of those three colors and combined them to make this gorgeous goody display that everyone will want to dig into! The next are a few dining table set ups with some spooky candles in old wine glasses and a place setting with black and gold to give it that elegant feel while still being dark! Finally, do you need a great way to display your drinks? Well take some old bottles and decorate them with poison signs, it will make it that much more fun and give your guests a fun object to talk about!

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We hope you enjoyed our favorite Halloween decoration finds! We sure do and are excited to use some of our finds! Tune in next week for another fun blog!