How to Shop for Cyber Monday

Wow! Where has the year gone?! Can you believe that the busiest shopping season is literally right around the corner? We certainly can’t! Before the holidays hit, we thought we would give you some insider tips on how to shop for Cyber Monday. Having a game plan always helps in the cyber-shopping-world!

  • Start planning early! (Ahem…you’re welcome!) If you’re familiar with the online retailers and are subscribed to their emails, they always seem to release their sale ads early, so stay on the lookout for those! This will come in handy, especially when you’re on the lookout for something in particular – you’ll already have done your homework on which retailer is going to have the best deal on that product, saving you time on Cyber Monday. If you’re still not sure you have the best price from comparing the sale ads, you can always go to to double check that your are in fact getting the best deal before you hit submit button on your shopping cart.
  • Preload your shopping cart! This saves you so much time from browsing the entire site the day of when the items are already in your cart. All you’ll have to worry about is hitting the “submit order” button on Monday. Another heads up for this would be to already have an account with the online retailer if you don’t already have an account – this will save you from having to create an account before you’re able to submit your order – in which time your item may no longer be available. Boo!
  • Money saving codes! What sweetens an already good deal, is a coupon code or a promo code! Don’t be mistaken that you can only use one or the other. Some online retailers will actually allow you to “stack” your codes. This means you’ll be saving more money on that sweet deal than you originally thought! If you’re not sure where to find a coupon or promo code, is an awesome site to check out! Start saving those coupon and promo codes!

  • Shop from retailers’ apps! If you’re shopping from a tablet or your phone, download the retailer’s app. If you use the website on a handheld device, there’s chances that you could accidentally “x” out of the tab or that the website becomes super slow. Retailers have more control over their apps than their website. Apps are easier to maneuver through, especially when you want to save on some sweet deals.

  • Be aware of hidden costs! Hidden costs, like cost of shipping, could potentially ruin a seemingly good deal on a product. When you’re checking out, make sure that the shipping costs are minimal to free, otherwise the cost of shipping could add up to what the product would be if it weren’t on sale – so essentially you wouldn’t be saving any money!
  • Have a game plan! Having a game plan of what you need to buy or what websites/apps to go to first will certainly save you time. Write down everyone’s lists, what websites will be best priced for each item, what promo/coupon codes to use at each website/app, and then itemize by the website/app. This will save you so much time!

We hope you’re able to track down awesome savings this Cyber Monday. If you find a deal that absolutely cannot be passed up, be sure to let us know – we like saving money too!! GOOD LUCK!