Jodi’s Year in Review: 2020

2020 has been a wild ride – that is 100 percent for sure. The events of 2020 (that shall not be named), put me in a position to focus solely on the business. By focusing on business, this allowed Elizabeth Erin Designs to be in a position to experience business growth and development for 2020 going forward. Elizabeth Erin Designs would not be without my amazing employees. It seems off to call the amazing group of woman employees, because I feel they are much more than that. I care for each of them like they are an extended part of my family. For this end of year re-cap I asked each of them to write a little something about their year to share with you! 

“This year, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. With having a new baby, there’s lots of time off with appointments and sick days, and EED has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to the times I’ve needed to take off to tend to our daughter’s needs. Everyone steps up to the plate to ensure that daily tasks and appointments are taken care of as needed. It’s been through their support and encouragement that has made me enjoy the environment while I’m at work away from our daughter; they’re like family,” Sammi.

“We share 1/3 of the building with The Flooring Guy’s DSM and we have windows that look into eachother’s spaces.  At the most random times a piece of paper shows up on the window between our showrooms and so we called them the “Neighbor Window Game”.  Sometimes they are just positive quotes or funny pictures, but my favorite are the little games!  So I have to say that I loved every round of our “Neighbor Window Games and hope they continue in 2021,” Katie.

“We had a lot of great large commercial projects wrap up this year which was great; but, on top of that, we had a full staff with some great ladies to help the installs go smoothly!” Lexi.

“One of my favorite memories in 2020 was my trip to Finland to visit my daughter who played professional volleyball there last season. We explored Helsinki and then traveled further north to the more rural region where she lived. Finland is a great place to visit if you are looking to travel!” Sue. 

“The highlight of my 2020 was buying my first home! Collaborating with the EED ladies to make all the exciting decisions for my house was so fun! They are full of style and good ideas,” Emily.

“The best part of working for EED during 2020 has been walking into an office full of powerful women jamming out to Disney music as we work through the day! That kind of atmosphere can make any day better, even in 2020,” Tori.

“My favorite memories of 2020 would have to include starting my second year at UNI, going to IKEA for the first time, and spending another summer with Elizabeth Erin Designs,” Marah. 

No matter what your 2020 has looked like, my hope is that you can find at least one positive event or memory to reflect on that makes you smile. I know I will be reflecting on my fantastic Elizabeth Erin Designs team. They gave me a reason to get up each day during 2020, to be my best each day and not give up or give in to everything that was thrown at us. Through team meetings, to personal messages, stepping up to get things done when needed and hanging in there with me when tough decisions needed to be made. This only made us stronger as a company. As we look towards 2021 I can say we are ready.  Please follow us on social media to stay on top of all the exciting things we have planned for 2021 that we are dying to share with you! I wish you a happy and safe Holiday season with friends and family.