Keeping Curb Appeal in Winter Months

Seeing as most homes go on the market around the first of the year, this week’s topic is all about the first and last thing potential buyers will see. Curb appeal is by far one of the most important selling points for your home and these harsh Iowa winters tend to get the best of us more often than not. For those of you, who are not selling your home, just hang in there because these helpful tips are definitely something to keep in mind for a stellar looking home 24/7.

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities of our spring and summer seasons is gardening. Sadly, many of the beautiful flowers and plants we love so much, cannot last a winter. And nothing looks more depressing than a home with no living foliage in sight. That fact is why gardening is an important activity to do more year round. I’m not saying to go out with your hoe and shears in negative degree weather; but, preparing plants before winter hits and also planting foliage that can survive such weather is vital.

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Winter skies in Iowa tend to give off a rather gray ambiance which makes the whole state feel cold and dull. Making your home stand out is an important selling point and easily done in the winter months with just a bit of lighting. Lighting is an easy enough thing to commit to but strategically planning how to light your home is essential. The best way to light your home would consist mainly of either up lighting or down lighting the key architectural features.

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As silly as this may sound, many people forget one of the most important factors in winter months, the sidewalk. Keeping your sidewalk well maintained helps you, your guests, and your potential buyers. Keeping the sidewalk clear and ice free is something that should not be taken for granted. Also keep in mind that anything your guests walk through will be tracked inside your house, yikes!

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