Lighting Up Your Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are a critical but often undervalued component of a room’s lighting layout. Lamp shades do more than provide coverings, they can enhance the decor and directly affect how well a room is illuminated.

If your room is need of a soft glow, a pink or red shade can offer a charming tint to your space. If it is clean lighting you’re looking for, it is best to stick with a white, cream, or pale-colored shade. The darker the shade, the dimmer the light. Most of the light will be filtered through the top and bottom of the shade, which can have a beautiful effect.

Lamp shades come in many different colors and styles, but the fabric on the shade is one of its most important factors. You can find shades to match the style of any room in fabrics such as cotton, damask, silk, and linen. Pleating is common as well, but keep in mind that pleated shades require extra care and dusting to look their best.

Looking for something extra special? Custom made lamp shades allow you to create just the look you want for your lighting scheme and room decor. If you need chandelier shades, there is a surprisingly large variety on the market. These essential lighting accessories can change the appearance of the fixture dramatically, and are budget-friendly!

While most people choose neutral colors or even glass chandelier shades, there are charming prints available, too. From toile shades to leopard prints, there is no reason why your chandelier has to stay neutral! However, you may want to buy a couple extra shades if possible. If one gets damaged, you don’t have to replace the entire set.