Log Cabins with a Twist

As the days get colder, I think more and more about about getting away. However, my idea of a warm retreat is a little bit different than most. I don’t think of a sunny beach, but rather a cozy log cabin. I want a cozy fireplace to sit around and sip my hot coco. The idea of sitting in a chair and looking out at a beautiful landscape in front of me sounds so relaxing. Log cabins are notorious for their large amount of wood and round log exterior. However, over the years that aesthetic has started to change. Interiors are becoming more modern and contemporary, primarily through the choice of furniture.


Cedarview from the Pearson Design Group a newer take on the typical log cabin. They still keep the natural color of the wood, and bring in the contemporary design through furniture, rugs, and accessories. I especially love their use of texture!


This Jackson Hole log cabin was designed by Grace Home Design Inc. It is the perfect example of a mountain home turned contemporary. Views to the outdoors blend in with the interior in the living room where the natural color of the wood is still present. However, as you move further into the home, the contemporary side of the design starts to take over, leaving the user forgetting where they actually are.


Located in Moscow, Russia, I.D. Interior Design is run by Daria Shirokova and Inga Arshba. This summer house getaway is a more modern version of a log cabin. The round log aesthetic is still present, but without the natural wood tones. They have been replaced with a cleaner, white color.


Everyone has their own version of the perfect getaway. I hope you all enjoyed getting to see a little bit about mine!