Maintaining Relationships – Elizabeth Erin Designs Will Travel

Once we stage a home and it sells our clients next step is to move. We like to have fun when we stage and get to know our clients and let them get to know us. It’s only natural after building that relationship our clients NEVER want to go through the extensive real estate makeover in their new home and we often get requests to come assist them with their new home. This works out great for us because we LOVE to travel.

In the past month we had clients move from West Des Moines, Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska and other clients move from Bondurant, Iowa to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each of these client’s needs are different. Our clients in Minneapolis wanted us to give them an Interior Design report with some ideas for their new spaces. I was curious on how they would transition from an acreage to a beautiful house in the city with three dogs that love to run, but it was an amazing move for them and everyone was adjusting seamlessly!

When staging the house for our clients now living in Omaha, my decision to move the husbands favorite chair from the living room to the garage did not go over well. I was told that he associated my name with spending money. I didn’t think he was extremely excited that I was coming to Omaha to “assist” them with turning their new house into their home. But being the good husband he is and wanting to make his wife happy, he allowed us to come over to work our magic! We actually re-purposed 95% of their existing items so that it was aesthetically pleasing with their new space.

By the time we left, our clients were amazed at what we accomplished and how we could reuse or re-purpose most of their items and were very thankful. We even found a new spot for the green leather recliner. The funniest part is that a few days after our consultation, I received an email from the husband stating that he found a chair and rug on Craig’s List and asked if it would work in his office. He asked me if I knew of a home for his old green leather chair. I suggested his old garage back in West Des Moines. I would like to think he chuckled a little at that. Now when he hears Elizabeth Erin Designs, he thinks of dollars saved. I think the green chair is on Craig’s List as we speak so if you’re in the market…