Summer-izing Your Home

Preparing your home for summer is just as important as preparing for the cold Iowan winters. Your home is going to get a lot of wear and tear from indoor to outdoor traffic patterns (especially if you have kids & pets). Our back door tends to remain open for a good portion of the days in the summer with all the traffic. Not only is your home going to get the summer wear and tear; also, summer marks the prime entertaining season. Having your home prepped indoor AND outdoor will be crucial for get togethers you’ll have during the season. Here’s our five main projects we make time for in preparation for the summer season…

Switch Out Your Rugs

Get your plush rugs swapped out for something a bit more durable with more of an indoor/outdoor quality. Indoor/Outdoor rugs also tend to have more vibrancy and color which is always fun to incorporate into your summer design. Swapping your entry rugs are a necessity; but also, look at your other heavily used summer areas, possibly your dining space, sunroom, or your family room. This will keep your plush delicate rugs in tact and allow you to liven up your spaces for summer.

Summer Colors

While changing your rugs, take a look at your other decor to freshen up your space. This includes pillows, decor, flowers, & window treatments throughout your home.

Pro Tip : Forget buying different accent pillows. It’s cheaper, smaller to store, & all around easier to just buy different accent pillow cases. Use your same inserts year round & give them a fresh look each season by switching the case!

Kid-Proof Fabrics

Of course, a fool proof method to avoiding any stains, sun spots, or damage would be to opt for Kid-Proof fabrics. We have a surplus of options in our show room that we urge our clients with pets, kids, or messy guests to look at when purchasing new upholstery pieces. We put these fabrics on furniture and pillows for a fool-proof piece that will withstand the test of time!

Pump Up The Florals

Whether or not the flowers are real, is completely up to you. We love to capitalize on this time of year by bringing in some beautiful flowers in from the garden. The main reason is because they smell AMAZING. But they’re also easier and cheaper to switch up looks from week to week. It gives your home a constant rotation of beautiful bouquets all season!

Sleeping In White

Lighter threads for heat resistance and lighter tones for a summer feel. Many people tend to fear white bedding or sheets; but, trust us when we say, you won’t regret it! White sheets tend to show everything but they are so easy to bleach and wash. They’ll give you a great look and investing in quality bedding will make the maintenance so simple.