Top Trends in Window Treatments

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Welcome back to our blog! This week we are going go over what is trending in window treatments right now, and I am going to share ten of those trends with you that we feel are great picks! To start off our top ten, the natural woven shades bamboo and matchstick are  becoming very popular. They are said to let …

What is Upcycling?

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Honestly, we didn’t know what upcyclying was until a recent Home Staging Project! We had the privilege of staging a newly constructed Net Zero Eco Home, the first of its kinda in Iowa. The builders of the home, Eco Logic Homes, wanted the furnishings that were Green and Eco-friendly. In searching for items to stage the Net Zero house, we …

Chelsea's Fresh Finds – August 2012

Elizabeth Erin Designs Fresh Finds

Restoration [ˌrɛstəˈreɪʃən]- something restored, replaced, or reconstructed Restored furniture and decorations have a rustic, timeless look and are often eco-friendly. Here I have pulled some items that have the restored/re-purposed look.