Cabinet Hardware That Has Us Swooning

Jodi Peterman Fresh Finds

We don’t know about you; but, we love how simple it is to switch the aesthetic of a room by simply replacing cabinet hardware. The smallest thing can make the biggest impact and we are loving these new collections from one of our most used vendors, Top Knobs. They do such a great job at developing new unique hardware and …

Seriously Bold Sofas We Love

Jodi Peterman Fresh Finds, Trending

One of 2018’s design trends is the incorporation of bold colors. We’ve been keeping an eye on this trend and our favorite way to incorporate this trend into our own designs, is by a seriously bold sofa. A bold sofa is a big commitment but perfect for someone who isn’t afraid of color! Another trend we are keeping an eye …

Jodi's Picks Under $50 – October 2012

Elizabeth Erin Designs Fresh Finds

Whether you come to Elizabeth Erin Design’s blog for decorating ideas, our variety of designer selections, or the sheer excitement of the daily treasure hunt, you’re destined to find something you love in the assortment here. Every item pictured below is priced under $50. We think you’ll be delightfully surprised!