Texting While Driving

  We have had a couple of new changes at Elizabeth Erin Designs.  The first is that we have a new Accounts Manager join our Elizabeth Erin Designs family, KayDee Walker.   Bringing on KayDee to our team has opened my eyes to more then a few things that need to be changed at our firm.  The major one is texting and driving.
KayDee shared with us that her younger sister, Kandalynn was killed at the age of 16, while texting and driving.  Having two daughter’s turning 16, her story really touched me.  I want to set a standard by which my employees and daughters would follow.  I have come up with a document stated we will not be texting while driving.  We are going to have a signing party at the end of the month in honor of Kandalynn.
KayDee was amazing, sharing some details of her family ordeal.  She shared with me pictures of the anniversary of her sisters passing this year. She and her family celebrate Kandalynn’s life every year by having a family BBQ and having a balloon send off.  KayDee shared some photos from this years event.
I hope KayDee’s story and ours inspire you to do the same in your house hold and businesses.  Have an amazing start to spring, enjoy life, family and friends every moment of everyday!