Thankful Then and More Thankful Now

As I was getting inspired to begin writing this Blog, I decided to look back to what I had written in past Thankful Blogs. As I was reading them, one stuck out and resonated with me more than the others. It was a Blog I wrote in November of 2013. Even though time, employees, and I, myself, have changed so much since 2013, what I am thankful for has not. Here is a paragraph from that 2013 blog I wanted to share again…

“I am thankful for Freedom. For all the men and women who have fought for this country, including my brothers and many members of my family throughout the years so that my family and I can live in Freedom. I am thankful for Jesus. That he died on the cross to cover my sins. Sins that I do every day over and over, even though I try not to. I am thankful for my Family. They are beautiful gifts from God and a reminder of his love for me and his challenges for me to become a better human being. I am thankful for Alyssa, Jordin and Adrus. I am thankful we all found each other. We challenge each other every day and always come up with a creative solution to address each situation. Elizabeth Erin Designs could not function with out them. I am thankful for my team of Sub-contractors. Without them, our ideas would just end. They make magic happen everyday! I am thankful for my Clients. They allow me to push boundaries and take them out of their comfort zones just a little to watch our ideas and suggestions unfold as each layer of design is completed. I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday Season with your friends and family!”

Nothing is more true in today’s world – I am even more thankful for Freedom and the men and women that defend this great country. I am very thankful for all the challenges I have faced personally and in business, because it teaches me to be humble and more authentic in the many roles I play. This is important to relate and connect to human begins in general, but also allows us to relate to our clients here at Elizabeth Erin Designs. Being more authentic about who we are and what we are about, allows us to establish trust and grow communication with our clients.  

I am so very thankful for a diverse range of clients and the opportunities they have created for us to travel all over this amazing nation, working on projects in many states. I am also grateful for the employees I have, assisting me in managing the projects we have. Today I have Laura, who assists in project management and monitoring our clients’ orders across the USA, Ally, our social media coordinator and office assistant, Diane, our assistant to the designers, Katie, our Lead Designer and Luxury Stager, Sue, our backroom organizer and jack of all trades, and Amanda, our assistant Designer. Of course, I cannot forget our three amazing interns, Marah, Ashtyn and Aimee.  

Every person who has worked for Elizabeth Erin Designs past or present, has played a huge part in shaping the direction and success of EED. I am thankful for all of them for being a part of our journey, no matter how long or short. I want to thank you, and wish everyone an abundance of success.

We have so much to be thankful for this year and we look forward to ending 2021 reflecting on the positive, and learning from the not-so-positive aspects of the year. I would encourage all of you to post one thing you are thankful for and why, or to tell someone you are thankful for them and why you are thankful for them. We all could use a little more light and love in this crazy world.

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