The Calm after the Storm

WOOHOO! You survived the craziness of hosting Thanksgiving. Pat yourself on the back, friend! You can finally have a well deserved break or finish all the bottles of wine… I choose both. Curled up on my sofa watching the the final season of Scandal on Netflix. Mhmm. That’s my well-deserved award! I actually really love family get-togethers, but sometimes you just need a break to relax from it all. What’s better than kicking it back to relax?

Since Thanksgiving is officially over, it is now socially acceptable to take down all fall decor and put up some festive Christmas decor. You may find that redecorating your home for a new holiday quite relaxing, especially if you have the house all to yourself.

Curl up with that book you have on the nightstand that you haven’t picked up in months. Get absolutely lost in it, and maybe even finish it! Or, worst case scenario, the book will put you to sleep and you’ll take the best nap of your life after your Thanksgiving festivities.

Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage. There is no doubt that something over the Thanksgiving holiday stressed you out a little bit and you just can’t get that knot out of your neck. What better way to relax than to plan a massage this week? And, it will help clear up the brain fog surrounding your Christmas shopping planning…

Since we’re talking about treating ourselves, head to the nail salon. You’ve needed a manicure for a while now, so you might as well, right? Especially after washing all those dishes! I would even add a little sparkle to the new claws!


We truly hope that hosting Thanksgiving this year wasn’t stressful at all, but in any case, these activities could be very relaxing to anyone reading our post! Bring on the next holiday!